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Best Uv Index For Tanning

Best Uv Index For Tanning

There is still no proof that tanning has any health benefits to your body, but many people still prefer how their skin will look after having some tan. Tanning is a personal choice, the same as outdoor sunbathing. Both are still health risks even if you wear any SPF. But if you choose to tan your skin, there is the best time of the day to tan. So let’s find out the best UV index for tanning.

The Best Time Of The Day For You To Tan (Best Uv Index For Tanning)

If the goal is to tan your skin as soon as possible, you should be out in the sun during the sun rays’ highest peak or most substantial peak. The time frame for this will depend on the area you live. But in general, the sun will be at its highest peak at 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. 

In a review in 2012, the sunscreens are essential, especially at 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. However, you should apply sunscreen to your skin every day, especially those that include SPF. During noon, the sun is at its highest, which means the sun is at its most vital point because it has its shortest distance from traveling to the Earth. But you can still have any sunburn early in the morning or in the late afternoon; that is why you need to apply sunscreen.

What Is The Risk Of Tanning 

You might like having tan skin, or sunbathing boosts your mood because you are exposed to Vitamin D, but keep in mind that tanning can be very risky for you. Here is the related risk from tanning:

  • You can experience dehydration – Dehydration can occur, especially if your body loses more fluid than the liquid you drink.
  • You can have eye damage – Your eyes can have a risk of getting a sunburn. That is why it is also essential for you to wear sunglasses that come with UV protection.
  • You can have heat rash – It occurs when you are exposed to hot temperature or humidity. It is when your pores get clogged that causes a bump in your skin.
  • You can have premature skin aging – The UV rays will cause your skin to lose its elasticity, which can cause sudden dark spots and wrinkles. 
  • You can experience suppression of your immune system – your body’s immune system can be suppressed by UV exposure, causing it to be at risk of severe sickness.
  • Sunburn – The blisters can appear in your skin if you have severe sunburns, and this blister can be painful.
  • Skin Cancer – If you have too much exposure to the UVA rays, it can damage the skin cells in your DNA, and it can cause skin cancer, most especially melanoma.

Notes For The Tanning Beds

Having indoor tanning beds is not safe. The heat and light it gives you will expose your body to the level of UV rays that are specifically not safe for your health. The tanning beds or booths are now categorized as carcinogenic to us humans by International Agency for Research on Cancer or (IARC) by The World Health Organization. In addition, a study by Harvard Health showed that the UVA radiation of the tanning beds could cause up to three times more intense than the natural UVA caused by the sunlight. Therefore, tanning booths or tanning beds are not advisable, for it can be too risky for you.

What Are The Tips And Precautions For Tanning

Here are some precautions that you can make for you to be less vulnerable to sunburn and sun damage. 

  • Your tanning experience can be safer, especially if you don’t spend too much time under the sun.
  • You need to bring water or drink a lot of water if you are tanning to avoid dehydration.
  • It is also essential for you to apply SPF to your lips, skin, and the top part of your hand and feet.
  • It is also essential to wear sunglasses that come with a hundred percent UV protection so you can avoid eye damage.

Tanning people should consume foods with a high substance of lycopene; for instance, some tomato paste can make your skin much safer from sunburns, but it is still essential to apply sunscreen.

What To Avoid When Tanning

  • Avoid falling asleep when you are under the sun. Taking longer under the sun can cause severe damage.
  • If you are planning to stay under the sun, you should avoid SPF that is just less than 30
  • You must also avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages, and it causes dehydration, an. It impairs you to feel the pain when sunburn is forming in your skin.

Things You Should Do When Tanning

  • It is advisable for everyone to reapply your sunscreens at least every two hours and when you go swimming.
  • It is also essential for you to apply SPF products to your feet, hairline, and any other places in your body that you will easily miss.
  • It is also advisable that you use at least an ounce of sunscreen to cover your whole body. It is about the size of a shot glass.
  • It is also advisable that you roll over more frequently to have a lesser chance of having burned. 
  • It is essential to protect your eyes, drink water often, and wear a hat.

Does Coconut Oil Provide You Protection From UV?

A study was conducted in 2009 that states that coconut oil has a sun protection factor or SPF around 8. But researchers did not perform the analysis on the human skin. It was conducted in a laboratory. The estimated UV rays a coconut oil can block is up to 20 percent. It is not enough for you to protect your skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB; both of these can cause damage to your skin. As stated by AAD, human skin needs about SPF 30 of sunscreen, or it is much better to use higher SPF if you want sufficient protection from the UV; you should also apply these every two hours.

Suppose you plan to use coconut oil alone in your skin for UV protection without using any other products with sun protection. In that case, you will not get enough protection that you will need for your skin, especially if you will stay outdoors for a long time. Also, if a human has fair skin, coconut oil will have a lesser effect in keeping the skin protected from the UV sun’s UV rays. Are the benefits you can have from coconut oil?

Even though it is not advisable for you to rely only on coconut oils to protect your skin from UV rays, they can still help your skin in many ways. Coconut oil comes with a high concentration of medium-chain fatty acids, and it is said that it forms saturated fat. It works in many ways on your skin, and it will provide you with a lot of benefits.

  • It can moisturize your skin – The people who lived in the tropics have used coconut oil as their moisturizer. In a study conducted in 2018, the researchers found out that the participants who had dry skin saw an improvement in hydration of their skin after they used coconut oil for only two weeks.
  • It can reduce inflammation – There is a study conducted last 2018 that states that coconut oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, especially for people who have a specific skin condition. Chronic inflammation has a vital role in the different types of skin disorders, including contact dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. 

As stated in a study in 2017, the people who are applying coconut oil to their skin experience less inflammation after they are exposed to UVB radiation. Researchers believe that lubricants with high levels of fatty acids and polyphenols can provide skin protection from inflammation, the guardian that comes with a barrier-enhancing effect.

  • It comes with antimicrobial properties – It is believed that coconut oil can cause death to harmful microorganisms. The lauric acid found in the oil comes with a monolaurin, which can help destroy the membrane of the lipid-coated bacteria. Coconut oil is also said to kill pathogens in your skin, including viruses, fungi, and bacteria.
  • It can help your wounds heal – Some scientists showed that the coconut’s antimicrobial oil could help your wound heal much faster. In a study conducted in 2010 that researchers did on the rats, the virgin coconut oil helped the healing sped up. It also has improved the skin’s antioxidant status, and it also increased the levels of collagen. Another research using animals showed that using coconut oil with antibiotics can help heal the wounds of burn.

Helpful Products For Your Tanning 

If you are planning to tan your skin, here are some products that can be helpful in terms of tanning your skin.

  • Dolce Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion – This lotion is best used for indoor or outdoor tanning. It is a lotion for your protection from color fading and helpful for your tattoo. It is also anti-aging, anti-orange, and anti-wrinkle. It is known to be a natural tanning lotion both for women and men. The smell of this product is known to be chocolatey, but this product is much more pricey than other tanning lotions. This product cost $34.95.
  • A Sunlight Meter for Measuring Harmful Ultraviolet Solar Light Radiation – This product can measure the strength of the UV rays caused by the sun. It can also calculate the solar UV index that combines the UVA and UVB of the sun, and you can also measure the sun’s radiation at different times of the day. But this product cannot measure the UVC, and it cannot measure the UV light by the LED, fluorescent, and forming bed lights.
  • Your Tanning Back Lotion Applicator – This product can help you reach any hard points in your body when applying tanner or lotion, Now you don’t have to ask for help from your family or friends. It saves your time from applying products to your body. It only comes in one piece and the kit is much more expensive. It costs you more than asking somebody to use it directly into your skin.
  • 50 Pack Disposable Thong Panties Women’s Disposable Bikini Panties – This product is designed for your spray tanning experience to keep you away from being underwear tanned. It is ideal for personal use or even for salon use. It is also individually wrapped. But this product is only intended to be used once.
  • Tan Towel Self Tan Towelette – This product comes with a self-clear, self-tanning formulaic that is helpful when it comes to amino acids and proteins within your skin to produce a natural sunless and healthy tan within just hours. But this product is disposable.
  • Tanning tips silicone nipple cover – This product can help you protect from burning your sensitive skin while tanning or after tanning. It is also washable and can be reused. The manufacturer will choose the color for you, and you cannot choose your color.
  • SunPop Self Tanning Towelettes – This tanning towelettes come with green tea and aloe vera, and it is also incorporated with Algo-Tan. This product comes only with five pieces of medium size towelettes and it can only be used once. 


You cannot find any health benefits from tanning your skin. Laying under the sun for a long time is risky for your health, and it will increase your chances of contracting skin cancer. But if you are still going to tan your skin and your most profound goal is to tan as soon as possible, the advisable time is 10:00 a.m and 4:00 p.m. Still, you should always apply SPF products into your skin; you should also roll over as frequently as possible to avoid any burns in your skin. It is also recommended that you drink lots of water before, during, and after tanning. It is just a simple reminder to keep you and your skin from being damaged by the UV rays.

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