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Can You Put Self Tanner on Your Face | Helpful Guide

Can You Put Self Tanner on Your Face | Helpful Guide

Self tanner is a great way to make sure you are always looking your best. But what about your face? Can You Put Self Tanner on Your Face? The answer is yes, but there are some considerations that need to be made before doing so.

There are also different types of self tanners for different skin tones. If you want an even more customized experience, then consider getting a spray-on or wipe-off facial sunless tanning treatment at a salon!

Can You Put Self Tanner on Your Face?

Yes, but because of these side effects it is recommended that you only apply it where needed or use facial wipes for an easy application and removal process. These are safe for all skin types and will not cause breakouts. The downside to facial wipes is that you won’t be able to get the same even application as if you were using a tanner with your hands, but at least there’s no risk of staining anything other than your face!

A self-tanning product can be found in many different forms, but the most common are lotions and sprays. You should use these products sparingly because they do have some side effects that include dehydration of the skin which will cause it to look dry and flaky, as well as an increased risk of sunburn if you have not used a sunscreen.

What to consider before applying a self tanner on the face?

There are a few things you should consider before applying self tanner on your face. One is that if you have sensitive skin, then it may cause irritation and redness to the skin which can make for an unsightly appearance! If this happens, use a cold compress or try using light makeup as a cover-up until the color fades.

Another thing to consider is that sometimes self tanners can cause breakouts, so if you have a history of acne or large pores then it’s best not to use them on your face.

How to use a self tanner for the face?

A facial spray or wipe-off treatment is very easy to apply. You just need to follow the directions on the package and you’ll be good to go! Just remember that if you’re using sunless tan lotion, then it’s best not applied directly after shaving your skin because that can cause irritation. Wait at least 12 hours before applying it to new or irritated skin!

What is the step by step guide in applying a face tanner?

Listed below are the steps you need to follow in order to achieve a natural looking tan:

Step one: Wash and exfoliate your face. This will allow the self tanner to soak in more product, giving you darker results faster. Apply as you would any other facial moisturizer or sunscreen before going outside so that each layer of protection can work its wonders!

Step two: Put on a primer which contains oil absorbers. This will help the product mix with your skin’s natural oils and blend better.

Step three: Put on a self tanner which is specifically for face application. Apply it in an upward motion to avoid streaking or blotching, starting from the center of your face outward toward your hairline. You can always add more if you want a darker look.

Step four: Apply moisturizer to your face and neck, avoiding the areas where you applied self tanner. This will ensure that the skin is hydrated from making it easier for product absorption!

Step five: Apply a lightweight foundation over the areas where you applied self tanner. If you’re using BB or CC creams then choose one that is oil-free and has light coverage for best results!

The steps listed above can be followed if you wish to achieve an even, natural looking tan. However, if you want to go darker then there are some further steps that can be taken into consideration!

Step six: If desired apply a mineral powder with an applicator all over your face and neck for more lasting color (and oil control) throughout the day. Make sure it is one which does not contain any oils because this can cause streaking.

Step seven: If desired, top off your look with a matte bronzer to add more dimension to the face and blend out any streaks that may have occurred while putting on your foundation or powder!

Can You Put Self Tanner on Your Face

Which products are best for applying a self tanner to the face?

If you have sensitive skin or are worried about an allergic reaction, don’t use this product on your face or any other part of your skin! Also, do not use it around the eyes because that area is very sensitive and can easily be irritated. There are several items on the market that are safe for the skin and offer a natural tan appearance. Here are some of the best products:

1. Tropez Self Tan Advanced Bronzing Mousse

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10/20/2022 12:16 am GMT

This self-tanner is a bit expensive but it’s cost effective. This self-tanner can give you a light or dark tan depending on the way you apply it. It is a lightweight, easy to apply mousse that can give you an even skin tone.

2. Anjou Self-tanner and Tanning Application Kit

This self-tanner and tanning kit is easy to apply with a soft mitt, it has jojoba oil and other nourishing ingredients. This product is easy and safe to apply because it does not leave any residue on the skin or clothes.

3. Christian Dior Bronze Self-tanner for Face Cream

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
10/20/2022 09:53 am GMT

It is made of light-weight, easily absorbed gel cream. This gel cream is streak-free and leaves the skin with a natural tan.

These are some of the best self tanners that you must try.

What are some after care tips?

Always keep your skin moisturized by applying lotion every two to three hours. You should also avoid getting it in your eyes or on other sensitive parts of your skin to reduce chances of side effects!

After one day: Wash and exfoliate your skin, this will allow the self tanner to soak in more product and give you darker results faster. Apply as you would any other facial moisturizer or sunscreen before going outside so that each layer of protection can work its wonders!

After three days: If your face is still a little too dark for your liking, exfoliate again to remove the product. If you want to maintain your new color, then just continue applying lotion every two hours or so!

After one week: The tan should be gone completely after this time if not sooner because it takes about five days for self-tanning products to fully dry on the face. Exfoliate and moisturize as usual once the tan is gone.

After two weeks: If your skin still feels dry, you can always apply more lotion or face moisturizer to keep it hydrated and feeling fresh throughout the day!


Is it necessary to wear sunscreen?

You should use an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen if you are going to be out in the sun after applying self tanner to your face. This is because it takes about two hours for this product’s full effect to take place, so by then you could have already received some harmful ultraviolet rays!

What to expect on using a self tanner?

Using a facial spray or wipe-off treatment is easy and straightforward, but the result won’t be immediate. You should expect to see some color developing on your skin within two hours of application!

How long does it last?

The results will usually fade after about three days so you’ll want to apply a facial product that has sunscreen in order to protect your skin every morning.

Will it cover up freckles?

You probably won’t see much of a difference in color if you have dark spots on your face since the color you see may just wash off. On average, most people’s freckles will not be covered up at all!

Can you mix a facial sunless tanner?

You cannot mix any type of sunscreen together with any other cosmetic product, including self-tanners. This is because the chemicals are not designed to mix together and can cause skin irritation, redness or even burning!

Final Thought

You might have heard that self tanners are just for your body, but they can also be used on the face. If you’re not sure how to apply it yourself, consult with a professional who has experience applying them in this area before trying anything at home. 

Self tanner is great because it will give you an instant glow without having to worry about looking pale or pasty during the winter months when sunlight is scarce and vitamin D deficiency may be common. Always remember that any type of skin care product should be used responsibly as they may irritate or dry out the skin if overused.

Can You Put Self Tanner on Your Face