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Can You Tan Through Glass: Is It A Great Idea?

can you tan through glass

We are all guilty of spending too much time in the sun, but have you ever considered how it might affect your skin if you tanned through glass?

Seems like a crazy question right? Well, this is an actual concern for some people. What they don’t know is that they can still get sun rays on their skin just by being near windows or mirrors with sunlight shining through them.

Many of us have wondered if can you tan through glass?. The answer is, yes! But only with the right kind of glass. This article will discuss how to get that perfect skin tone while staying safe and comfortable inside your home.

The idea of sitting indoors though beside your window is just not really a good ideas for tanning.

Why is Tanning Through Glass Not a Great Idea?

There are many reasons why tanning through glass is not a great idea.

  • The first reason and probably the biggest one, is that you will be exposed to UV rays which can cause skin damage.
    • Although we know it’s something we should avoid while trying to get a nice glow for summer, sometimes we don’t always think about what we’re doing.
  • The next reason why it may not be such a great idea is that there are certain windows and mirrors which filter out the UV rays, but they’re usually more expensive than regular glass.
  • In some cases, the glass used is specially designed to filter out UV rays and it still allows for visible light transmission so that your skin can be tanned without any risk of damage from harmful sun rays. A great example of this type of glass would be “Low E” glass.

So, if you want to get a nice tan indoors then it is possible but only with the right kind of glass and at the right time during sunrises or sunsets when there are not many UV rays reaching us on earth. It also helps that your home has enough natural lighting to allow for tanning indoors.

Tanning in the Car

Does tanning in the car really work? This is another concern that people have. The truth is, it can work to some extent but not as well as sitting beside a window indoors or out on the beach.

There are different types of glass used for cars which can block UV rays and still let visible light pass through like “Low E” glasses do in homes. So if you want to tan in your car, you should find out if it has one of these types of glasses installed.

If not then there are also sun shades that can be put up on the windows inside the vehicle which will help block some UV rays but this is still not safe since glass doesn’t filter all harmful rays completely.

So basically if you want to tan in your car then you need the right type of glass installed. If not, just choose an alternative method that is safer and easier for sunbathing when out on the road or at home beside a window indoors.

There are many other ways besides through glass which can allow us to get some nice color without having to worry about damaging our skin in the process.

Can You Get Vitamin D Through a Glass?

One final question that most people have is if you can get vitamin D through a one-way mirror. This answer to this really depends on where the sun is in relation to your home or vehicle at any given time of day, but it’s possible.

Some windows are designed with UV filtering glass too which means they let visible light through but block out harmful UV rays. The best way to tell if a window has this type of glass is by checking its “Low E” rating.

If the glass does not have adequate protection from UV, either through natural or man-made means, then you can get vitamin D from both direct and indirect sunlight coming into your home or car.

Can You Tan Through Glass: Is It A Great Idea?

How Can You Tan Through Glass Safely

There are many ways you can get a nice summer glow without actually being in the sun!

  • The first thing I would recommend is using an indoor tanning bed since these have UV filters so that your skin will not be exposed to harmful rays while it gets tanned.
    • Make sure to get a reputable bed where you know the filters are adequate and not cheap knockoffs.
  • Since most tanning salons do not allow under 18 years of age, another option is getting an at-home sunless tanner or spray one instead which can be done easily in your home with little fuss.
    • Both methods will give you that nice bronzed look you are craving but with less risk of burning or skin damage.
  • If neither of these options is good for your then try sitting beside a window for tanning in your home or car that gets plenty of natural light during sunrises and sunsets when the UV rays are not too harsh on our bodies.
    • Just make sure to block out any direct sunlight with a curtain or blinds on the window first before you sunbathe.
  • Another option is to invest in some UV blocking glass which can be installed into your existing windows whether they are at home or inside your vehicle, and it will still let visible light through but block out harmful rays that would damage skin cells otherwise.
    • This type of shield works best when it is put into large windows like those in your home or car since smaller ones may not be able to filter out all the UV rays.
  • And finally, another alternative option is getting a window tinting service which can improve any one-way mirrors you might have and add an extra layer of protection from UV rays coming through glass.
    • This is a great option for cars since they have safety glass installed already but still need some extra protection from the sun which can heat up your car and damage leather seats or dashboard materials.
    • These types of tinting services are easy to find online with just a quick search so it is also fairly affordable compared to other options on this list, especially if you have a larger vehicle.

So there you have it! There are many ways to tan through glass without having your skin exposed to harmful rays, so just choose an option that is best for you and has the benefits of getting tanned while still keeping yourself safe from dangerous UV exposure.

There are plenty of natural options like sitting beside a window with indirect light or investing in some UV blocking glass, but if none of these are the best for you then there is no need to fret since spray tanning salons and at-home self-tanners are becoming more popular every year.

Should You Use Sunscreen Indoors?

One question I often get is whether or not people should wear sunscreen indoors.

The answer to this really depends on the environment, but it’s a good idea to use at least some protection from UV rays either through natural means like indirect light coming in through a window or artificial ways such as using an indoor tanning bed where you know your skin will be protected from harmful UV rays.

If you do not have these options then the best thing to do is wear a hat, sunglasses and any other clothing that covers your skin while indoors at work or home so that no harmful rays get through windows if they are present in the room where you spend most of your time during the day.

Just make sure that your clothing is not blocking the natural light coming through windows or skylights either since this can actually help you get a better tan than just sitting in artificial indoor lighting.

So to answer this question, it’s best to wear sunscreen at least some of the time when indoors and try to limit exposure during peak UV times if you cannot shield off natural and artificial light from entering the room you are in.

Alternative Ways to Tan

So aside from the idea of tanning through glass, you can consider other options. You might have to stay beside your window for ages and find out that there are no results after all! So why not opt to any of these:

Tanning Bed – this technology has been around for years, but it only became available to the public in 1978.

Tanning Outdoors – this is the safest option, but it can be time consuming.

Self-Tanners – these are also known as tan accelerators, but there is a high risk of getting orange skin.

Spray Tans – this option has increased in popularity over recent years since it’s easy to do yourself at home.

There are many ways that you can get tanned without exposing your bare skin to harmful UV rays.

In conclusion, it is best to wear sunscreen at least some of the time you are indoors. If it’s not possible, try one of these other options!

So, what are you waiting for? Get tanned today.

Can You Tan Through Glass: Is It A Great Idea?

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