tanning bed chart

Tanning Bed Time Chart

Tanning Bed Time Chart: All Skin Types Explained Helping you understand your skin type with this tanning bed time chart will help you get your perfect bronzed body during your next tanning session! Heading to your local salon to get your body tanned is a great way to spend a relaxing weekend. Although, before you …

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Stand-Up Tanning Bed Tips

Stand-Up Tanning Bed Tips

Stand-Up Tanning Bed Tips: Tan Like A Pro! The trend of tanning has really taken off and many people covet the bronzed look that tanning products provide. There are tons of tanning lotions and oils in the market, and you can even prepare your own natural tanning oils at home. Sprays, of course, are another …

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do tanning beds ligthen your hair

Do Tanning Beds Lighten Your Hair

Do Tanning Beds Lighten Your Hair Tanning beds are a quick and convenient alternative to getting a nice tan compared to regular sunbathing. Since basking in the sun to get a gorgeous bronze color could take hours, many people opt for a good five to ten minutes in a sunbed. Unfortunately, many dermatological organizations such …

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girl removing sun tan

How To Remove Tanning

How To Remove Tanning (From Face, Hands, Feet, & Body!) It’s all fun and games when on the beach until you find your skin has gone two colors darker as a result of sun exposure. Don’t you worry, there are a lot of ways on how to remove tanning. We will go over these ways …

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girl sitting at the pool tanning

Why Am I Not Tanning Anymore

Why Am I Not Tanning Anymore? Tips To Fix It! There are tons of ways to tan your skin. Tanning beds or sunbathing are popular methods to tan your skin using UV rays. However, after multiple sessions or months of regular tanning, you may notice that you are no longer getting a darker complexion. So …

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girl with spray tan on while at beach

Spray Tan After Care

Spray Tan After Care: Tips To Prolong Your Glow When you leave the spray tanning salon, it is important to take care of your skin so that you can have a long-lasting glow. Even after your first spray tan, there are many things you need to do in order to maintain the color. If you …

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