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How Long Does Self-Tanner Take To Dry

how long does self-tanner take to dry

Self-tanning products are perfect for those who don’t want to lay out in the sun or use tanning beds.

The only problem is that many people wonder how long does self-tanner take to dry?

There are a few different factors that determine how long it will take, but this article will break down all of them and give you an idea on what you can expect.

Self tanner is a popular product to use because it doesn’t involve a lot of upkeep.

However, it can be annoying if you’re not expecting the drying time. Here are some things to consider that will help give you an idea of how long does self-tanner take to dry?

How Long Does Self-Tanner Take To Dry

For Normal Self Tanners

Normal self-tanners take a long time to dry. Normal self tanners do take longer time to dry and develop, and it will take around 4 to 8 hours. 

This is because it takes some time for the self-tanning product to penetrate through your skin.

Because of this, most people who use it will make sure they apply it ahead and wear them overnight. This means you will need enough time to get ready for the day and allow it to dry.

For Express Tanners

Express tanners are a great way to get a very dark color in less time.

Express tanners may only need one to three hours. However, they also tend to be more expensive because you’re paying for that convenience.

The drying process can vary on these types of products and it all depends on the brand you buy.

If the manufacturer says their express tanner dries within five minutes then make sure you don’t go over that time.

However, if the product says it takes fifteen to twenty minutes then you should be fine with following those guidelines.

For Mousse Products

Mousse products are a very popular type of self-tanner and they’re usually pretty affordable for most budgets.

These give an even color all over your body and can be used on your face as well.

The drying time for mousse products is around five minutes, but you should double check that since it can vary depending on the brand.

For Lotions and Serums

Lotions and serums are great because they’re not messy like some of the other types mentioned above.

If you want to avoid having a sticky feeling or a greasy look, then lotions and serums are the way to go.

They dry pretty quickly too, but it can vary depending on what you choose. Some brands will say their product dries in five minutes while others take ten to fifteen minutes.

For Foams

Foam products tend to be very expensive, but they are worth it if you want incredible color.

They’re easy to use and they dry in about five minutes or less depending on the brand.

Foam products aren’t messy either, which is another reason why people like them so much over other types of self-tanner.

For Spray Products

Spray tanners are one of the most popular types out there and it’s easy to see why.

They are applied by spraying directly onto the skin, so you can pretty much do this anywhere without any issues.

The only problem is that they tend to take longer than other products since they’re sprayed on instead of rubbed in like lotions or mousses.

Most spray tanners take about ten to fifteen minutes to dry.

If you want your self-tanner to work properly, then make sure it dries before putting on clothes or going out into public.

If the color is still wet when someone touches it they will be able to smear the product around and mess up your beautiful tan!

It’s important that you give it enough time to set and dry.

The Purpose of Self Tanning

The purpose of self-tanning is to give your skin color without having to go out in the sun.

This can be done by putting on a lotion, cream or spray all over your body and allowing it to dry for about ten minutes before you get dressed.

Most people find it’s easiest to apply their self-tanner before they go to bed and then take a shower in the morning.

That way, by the time you get up for your day there will be no color on your clothes or sheets!

It’s important to note that not all self-tanning products will work the same.

They may take longer or less time for you and this is why it’s best to follow what the manufacturer recommends.

You should always read their directions before applying anything onto your skin!

If you want a dark color, make sure you buy an express product because it will work faster. If you’re okay with a lighter tan, then go for the slower versions that take longer to dry.

Just remember that your skin should be completely dry before getting dressed or going out in public!

How Long Does Self-Tanner Take To Dry

The Benefits of Self Tanning

Using self-tanning products has many benefits, but the biggest one is that they are much more affordable than going to get a professional tan.

  • It can cost anywhere from fifty dollars up to two hundred for just one session of tanning at a salon!
    • On top of this, it’s not healthy to go into an actual tanning bed because it can cause skin cancer or other types of damage to your body.
  • Self-tanners are also better for the environment because you aren’t emitting chemicals into it like tanning beds do.
    • If everyone stopped going to tanning salons and started using self-tanner instead, our ozone would be a lot happier!
  • Some people may think that using self-tanning products is unnatural and could even make their skin look orange.
    • However, this isn’t true because it’s all about finding the right product that will give you a nice color without looking fake!
  • Above all, it saves you time especially if you don’t have to go sunbathing or spend hundreds of dollars going to a salon.
    • You can use self-tanning products any time you want and get the color that you’ve always wanted!

The Drawbacks of Self Tanning

The main drawback of self-tanning is that it can be difficult to apply if it’s your first time. This is also the case if you are not sure what product suits you best.

It’s messy and sometimes the product will drip into your eyes, causing stinging or irritation.

If you have sensitive skin then you might want to avoid using products on your face since they’re more likely to cause a reaction than tanning lotions are.

The other drawback is that self-tanning products can be messy.

If you don’t want to end up with a sticky or greasy feeling, then make sure they’re completely dry before getting dressed and going out into public!

What To Expect When Using Self Tanning Products?

Self tanning lotions are typically pretty affordable for most people, but you should expect to pay a bit more for mousse and foam products.

Spray tanners are the most expensive out of all three types, so if you’re looking for something affordable then lotions or serums would be your best bet.

  • The consistency in these products will vary depending on what brand you buy and they can range from light and thin to thick and creamy.
  • You will need to apply self-tanning products onto clean skin, so make sure you take a shower first before applying any lotions or serums.
    • If you don’t then the color won’t stick as well because it’s harder for the product to sink into your pores if there is dirt on your skin.
  • Most of the time, you will need to wait at least ten minutes before getting dressed and going out into public after applying a self-tanning product.
    • If it’s still wet then someone might be able to smear the color around on your body or your sheets!
    • It can also irritate your eyes if some gets in them so make sure to close them while you’re waiting.
  • Most of the time, self-tanning lotions can take up to two hours or more for full color development depending on how dark you want it.
    • If the color is still not completely dry then let it set overnight and get dressed in fresh clothes once your tan has fully developed!

The Importance of Self Tanning Correctly

The last thing you want is to mess up your perfect tan because you didn’t wait long enough for it to dry.

It’s important that you follow the manufacturer’s directions and make sure it dries before putting on clothes or going out into public.

If someone touches it while it’s still wet, they’ll be able to smear the product around and mess up your beautiful tan!

It’s important that you give it enough time to set and dry. If the color is still wet when someone touches it they will be able to smear the product around and mess up your perfect tan!

It’s essential that you follow instructions carefully because if not, then this could happen to you as well.

When it comes to self-tanner, the only thing that matters is how long does it take for your skin to dry.

If you’re looking for an instant tan or a deep dark color, then there are many options out there specifically made with these needs in mind.

But if you want something fast and easy – drying time should be your main focus to check out!

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