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How Much Is Spray Tanning?

How Much is Spray Tanning

Many people love to have a sunkissed look, but not everyone wants to have that risky painful sunburn or doesn’t want to expose their skin to the tanning booth UV rays. Luckily, safe and quick spray tans can help everyone be ready for their bikinis without burning. But what is spray tanning? How much is spray tanning? Learn more about spray tanning.

The Basics You Need To Know About Spray Tanning.

Spray tanning is self-tanning or simply sunless tanning. The spraying brush will spray a fine mist into your body. The mist that is being spread in your body consists of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). It interacts with the chemistry of your skin to make it bronze or tan. The effect of these usually lasts three to seven days, and you don’t have to worry because this method is entirely safe.

 The results of spray tanning are fantastic. Many known models and celebrities choose to spray tanning to get the skin tone they want for their bodies. The personnel can spread the mist into your body from different kinds of machines. For example, you can have your tan in a beauty salon, and they will apply it through a booth. 

These booths come with tons of nozzles specially designed or jets that will spray your whole body with spray tanning solutions. Spray tanning can also be done using an airgun or airbrush. It looks like a paint gun that the painters use in painting houses, but they are smaller. Lastly, you can get a spray tan from a bottle. Many companies now sell products for spray tanning, and it has the same ingredients that they use for airbrushes or salons.

What Are The Pros Of Spray Tanning?

If you compare spray tanning with other types of self-tanning products on the market like creams, lotions, mousses, and gels, you see differences. But before we undergo all of the differences, keep in mind that all forms of spray tanning and self-tanning use the same active ingredients, DHA. But it doesn’t mean you will have the same results as the old products that contain DHA. 

Spray tanning is an easy process. Once you are prepared to do this, you can quickly go to a spray tanning salon, or you can call somebody to come into your house. It consumes lesser time than spreading gel and lotion on your entire body. Another Pros of getting spray tanning is that it dries quickly, unlike other self-tanning products on the market. It will depend on the person who got the spray tanning when it comes to the color it can achieve. Everyone comes with different skin chemistry. 

Is Spray Tanning Safe?

Spray tanning is considered safe. In 2010, a report said inhaling DHA, which is the main ingredient in spray tanning, was not studied by the FDA, and it can be harmful. But it turns out that the indoor tanning lobby was sponsoring the report, and it drew many wrong conclusions about the minimal test it had two decades ago inside a test tube, not in an animal or human. So even though the news report was bogus, the FDA still recommends minimizing inhaling the tanning solution and keeping it out of your nose and eyes.

How Much Is Spray Tanning?

The spraying tanning price will vary from every location. Generally, a spraying tanning process will cost $25 to $50 in a salon. But if you want somebody to come into your house or call a mobile airbrush tanning, you should expect to pay a little higher. Some mobile technicians have a charge amount starting from $40 up to a few hundred. 

Even though spray tanning can be expensive, some offer packages for this kind of process. And the results are excellent. But, all in all, it is more costly to use a spray tanning method than buying self-tanning products on the market.

How Can You Prepare For Your Session In Spray Tanning?

Before you go into the nearest spray tanning salon, there are a few tips you can follow to get a perfect tan.

  1. Be sure you have already waxed or shaved before your session. Many recommend doing this a day or two before the spray tanning session, so it will allow your pores to close. Especially if you are going to apply bronzer or darker shade to your skin.
  2. Make sure you have already exfoliated your skin. You need to slough off dry and dead skin before applying any tanning spray or self-tanner. You will have a better result.
  3. Remove the makeup, moisturizers, and deodorant. These products contain oil that will make the main ingredients of spray tanning combine with your skin. It can cause your spray tan to be blotchy and streaky. 
  4. Before the process, put some moisturizer or vaseline. You recommended that you put on some moisturizer or vaseline in your ankles, knees, palms, and elbow. You should also wear a shower cap and put some lip shiner or balm on your lips. These areas can get darker than the rest of your skin. 
  5. Try to keep your spray tan overnight and don’t incorporate moisturizer until the following day. It would be best if you did not shower or use any moisturizer and soap for a minimum of 8 hours, but you can minimize the time. But you won’t get the best result for your tan. 

How Can You Find The Right Person Or Place To Spray Tan You?

The easiest way to find the right tanning person or place is to browse into your yahoo, bing, or google. It will give you tons of shops in your area that will offer spray tanning. You can also check out their website and check for their reviews. You can also find special prices or offers on their website. But if you don’t trust the internet that much, you can also ask your friends, family, or co-workers who have done any spray tanning for a recommendable place to have your spray tanning. Whatever will be your decision, spray tanning is one of the most remarkable ways to get a lasting and beautiful tan.