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Spray Tan: How Often Should You Do It

how often should you spray tan

As the weather gets warmer, many people experience an increased need for self-tanning.

The sun is too harsh for some people, but you can get a beautiful tan without getting any harmful UV rays with spray tanning.

It’s important to know when to apply your next coat of tan so that it looks natural and even on your skin.

So how often should you be applying more?

Spray tanning should be done at least twice a month and this is for just every skin type.

Careful preparation and maintenance of your session will allow you to get even color every time!

How Long Does a Spray Tan Last?

If you want a sunless tan without the risk of burns, consider spray-tanning. It’s an easy and affordable way to get that bronzed look in just minutes!

The modern tanning experience starts with the application of an evenly-distributed mist to deliver

DHA, which reacts with skin cells on your outer layer. After just a few hours you’ll have that signature bronzed look!

With the right equipment and if you have already experienced it, you can spray tan yourself. However, it’s best to have it done by professionals.

The spray tanning experience can be customized for each client with different shades.

The stronger the color, the longer it will last and sometimes the second application is needed in order to get as dark of an effect that you want on your skin tone!

The shade plays a huge role in your spray tan to last long. Mostly, spray tans can last up to 10 days, however it’s not true for every type of shade.

  • Lighter shades – this can last long even up to 5 days or less, depending on how often you wash your skin.
  • Medium shades – this can last up to a week or more!
    • This is the most common type of spray tan shade because it’s not too dark nor too light. It also fades very evenly and naturally over time.
  • Darker shades – can last longer than one week or even up to 10 days, but will fade unevenly.

So if you’re looking for a sunless tan, consider spray-tanning!

There are different types of shades and it will last longer depending on the type but most people can expect to have even color that lasts up to seven days with proper care at home after their session.

Also depending on the DHA content of the spray tan, you will need to wash it off after a certain amount of time.

Keep in mind that darker colors have higher DHA content and can last longer on your skin but also fades more unevenly.

You should know when is the best time for a new session by how long your previous one has lasted!

If you want another tan session in one week, then you can just spray tan before that day.

If you want another session after two weeks or more, then wait until the time has passed for your current color to fade away naturally!

As always make sure not to shower right after your session and don’t forget to apply lotion on top of your shoulders and knees, which can get a little dry from being constantly pressed against the tanning bed!

The best time to spray tan is before going out at night, so that you have a nice glow for your occasion.

Apply lotion afterwards and don’t forget to wear sunscreen when going outside in order to keep up with your beautiful color all year round!

Spray Tan Preparation for Long Lasting Results

It is essential to prepare before a spray tanning session. This will ensure that your tan looks just as great after the session as it does before!

Here are some of the preparation tips:

  • Preparation includes exfoliation, moisturizing and shaving of any areas you don’t want tanned.
    • Spray tanning works best on clean skin so make sure to get rid of all makeup, dirt and oil beforehand!
    • Exfoliation must be done every 3 days.
  • It is important to take care of your skin and prepare it for a spray tanning session because the color will look uneven if you don’t.
    • After exfoliation, use lotion all over your body and make sure that you shave off any hair in the areas where you don’t want tanned (like eyebrows or arms).
  • It is possible to get spray tanned on the same day as you plan to go out, but there are some things that should be done beforehand for long lasting results.
  • Make sure not to apply any lotion or oil before your session because it might change the color of spray tanning solution.
    • Makeup can also prevent a full-coverage application so make sure to get rid of it all before you go tanning.
  • It is also important to avoid working out or sweating right after your session because this can remove the color from some areas on your body, so try not to do anything too strenuous for a few hours!
  • Make sure that you get a nice even spray every time by shaving and exfoliating before you go to your appointment.
    • Also make sure that there is no oil or lotion on the skin because this will prevent full-coverage color!

Don’t forget about taking care of your feet and hands, which can be easily forgotten when prepping for a spray tanning session.

Try not to work out too intensely right after the session for best results.

Spray Tanning FAQs

What is spray tanning?

Spray tanning is a form of sunless tanning that involves applying a solution to the skin after a session in a spray booth.

How long does it last?

The color from spray tan lasts for up to one week and the darker you go, the longer it will last!

The best time to get your next session is about three days before your color begins to fade.

Should I shave before my session?

It is best not to shave for at least 24 hours prior to your spray tanning appointment because this can cause uneven color!

What are the benefits of spray tanning over natural tan or sun tan?

The main benefit of getting a spray tan instead of using lotions or self-tanners is that you will look like you’ve spent time on a tropical island!

The color looks natural and even with zero streaks.

Is there pain involved in this type of treatment?

There is no pain or expensive equipment needed for spray tanning, which can be done at any salon around the country!

It’s quick, easy and affordable.

Spray Tan: How Often Should You Do It

What to Do Right After Spray Tanning

Here are some things you can do to keep the spray tan looking perfect within 24 hours.

Baby Powder Technique

People have this trick to use baby powder to prevent streaks after the spray tanning session.

This is because sweating or going in a pool will remove the color from some areas.

Baby powder helps you avoid this by absorbing sweat and your skin’s natural oils so that there is no unevenness after showering!

Towel Drying Trick

Another trick is to thoroughly towel dry yourself as soon as possible after getting out of the spray booth or being sprayed.

This will prevent streaks and make sure that the color is even all over your body!

Taking a Shower Only After 6 Hours

It’s okay to take shower after spray tan but just avoid using any moisturizers or lotions on your skin because this can cause streaking as well!

Also, be careful when getting out of the shower so you don’t rub off the color.

It is best to wait at least six hours after your appointment before you take a shower, so try not to do anything too strenuous that can cause sweat or rubbing of any sort!

Lightly Exfoliate Every 2 to 3 Days

Exfoliating your skin every two to three days will keep the color looking fresh and even. Don’t exfoliate too early, though!

It is best to wait about four hours before you start this process so that the solution doesn’t get rubbed off by scrubbing too soon after getting out of bed or showering.

If You Must Shave

Make sure to shave at least 24 hours before getting spray tanned because this can cause streaking and it is not good for the solution!

You also need to wait at least six hours after the shower before shaving to make sure that the color won’t fade or rub off due to moisture.

What if I sweat or?

If you start sweating at any point throughout your day then just take a dry towel and dab yourself down in order to absorb this moisture!

This is extremely important because it helps the color stay even all over your body.

Is it okay to exercise?

You can’t go in a pool or hot tub after getting spray tanned but if you want to start exercising then make sure that you use waterproof sunscreen!

This is because the sweat from exercise may cause streaking and unevenness, which are never good results when go in a pool?

What Not To Do After Your Spray Tan?

There are things you also need to avoid after spray tanning, because these will really affect your tan to fade fast:

  • One thing you need to avoid doing right after getting spray tanned is to use any moisturizers or lotions on your skin!
    • This can cause unevenness, which is never good to see after the spray tanning session.
  • It’s best not to go in a pool for at least 24 hours because this will make color come off faster and it may fade differently than you want too.
  • If you plan on going in a pool, make sure to put on waterproof sunscreen if you don’t want your color coming off.
  • Another thing to avoid doing after spray tanning is rubbing off the solution with towels, clothing or anything that will cause color streaking.

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