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Ideas on How to Apply Self Tanner Without a Mitt

ideas on how to apply self tanner without a mitt

A self tanner mitt is a product that makes it easier for you to apply your own tanning lotion.

The mitt provides an even application and can help prevent streaks, while prolonging the life of your expensive lotions.

It’s also helpful when applying moisturizer or sunscreen after you’ve applied your sunless tanner!

There are many different types of self tanner mitts on the market, so take some time to read reviews before making a purchase decision.

You’ll want one that will suit all of your needs and preferences!

How to Apply Self Tanner Without a Mitt

When you’re applying self-tanner without a mitt, it’s important to use rubber gloves.

This will prevent your fingers from becoming stained with the tanning cream. It is also advisable to wear old clothes since stains are likely on your new ones.

The next step in this process is to wash and dry your hands thoroughly so that you don’t transfer any of the tanning cream onto anything else before application.

Finally, apply moisturizer or lotion on top of the self-tanner so that it doesn’t rub off on clothing or furniture while drying.

Using Rubber Gloves as Self Tanning Mitts

Rubber gloves are a cheap and easy way to avoid staining your hands with self-tanner.

Simply slip the gloves on and apply the lotion to your skin in small circular motions. Rubber gloves can also be used when applying lotions or even sunscreen after you’ve applied your self-tanner.

It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and allows an even application since it is massaged into your skin using small circular motions.

Using an Old Cloth as a Self Tanning Mitt

For this method, you’ll need an old flannel or terry cloth towel for your gloves.

Simply cut out the terry cloth area of the cloth and slip it on like a mitt, then apply your self-tanner like you would using a mitt.

The towel is an ideal self tanning tool because it allows even application while preventing stains on your skin or clothing.

If you wear rubber gloves beforehand, then there’s no need to wash your hands before or after the application process!

Self Tanner Without a Mitt

Using Your Own Hands as a Self Tanning Mitt

The last option is to simply apply self-tanner using your own hands.

This option works best for those who only need a light amount of color, and it also gives you the ability to apply and blend the tanning solution into specific areas that may not be covered by other methods.

This method is ideal for those who don’t like mitts, for those who are applying their own lotions, or for those who are using self-tanning wipes.

It can be time consuming if you have to apply the lotion by yourself every day, but it’s a great “do-it-yourself” option!

What is a Self Tanner Mitt?

Self tanning mitts offer even application and prevent stains on your skin. They also prolong the life of your tanning lotions by preventing it from getting everywhere, and they’re easy to use.

There are several options for applying self-tanned without a mitt, but any method will work as long as you follow simple guidelines.

You can get that golden brown glow with the best tanning lotion, but if you don’t clean off residue from last week’s session, then the next session you do for yourself will not run smoothly.

Luckily there are self tanning mitts for removing tanning residue to make sure everything comes out well!

Sunless self tanners are great for those with sensitive skin, but the best way to avoid fading or streaky applications and even to create wonders in your skin is by using mitts made out of natural fibers.

It should be able to get rid of any previous residue from your tanning sessions so you can have long lasting results!

The exfoliating soap will not only remove your tans, but also eradicate dead cells from the skin.

After applying soapy water to dampen it, scrub in vertical movements on arms legs back for best results.

More Tips to Consider About Tanning Mitts

The best way to remove tanning residue is with a mitt that will not leave marks or stains on your skin and will exfoliate gently at the same time for a smoother finish!

  • Avoid using mitts that are made out of synthetic fibers.
  • Check your mitts if it has double-sided colors. The other side is orange for light exfoliation and the other side is black for stronger exfoliation.
  • Make sure you use a tanning mitt to get rid of oily residues and dead skin cells. They are the best way to always have your skin looking its best without fading or lines!
  • Make sure you clean the mitt by removing all tanning lotion residue before storing it away, because any tanner can stain your clothes or other absorbent materials like towels.
  • The best way to exfoliate is with a dual-sided mitt that will give you different strengths of scraping depending on how often you use each side.
    • It’s gentle on your skin and gets rid of any tanning residue for a smooth finish.
  • By using a natural fiber mitt you will be able to remove all the excess dye from last week’s session.
    • If you don’t, then the next time you do it some of the applied color will not be as dark as desired or even lead to patchy spots.
  • If you want to exfoliate your body before a tanning session, clean your mitt with soap and water so any residual color doesn’t stain the next time you use it.
    • Then store it in a dry place out of direct sunlight wherever possible.
    • This way there’s no more rinsing off residues from your skin that came from last night’s session.
  • By using a tanning mitt you will be able to exfoliate every part of your body if done gently including hard-to-reach areas like the back easily and quickly.
    • It will even make the color you apply go on more evenly because it won’t dry out too fast or hold back any moisture.
  • By using a synthetic fiber mitt you will be able to achieve dark, streak-free results that are pleasantly scented with every application. Just remember the best way to prolong their life is by not leaving residues on it because they can stain your towels or other absorbent materials!

A self tanning mitt is best for applying sunless tanners that are designed to give you a smooth golden color without orange tones.

Most people who use this are those who have very sensitive skin and want to avoid the sun as much as possible.

Those who use a mitt made out of synthetic fibers will be able to give themselves an instant tan that is also long-lasting with every application because it won’t dry up too quickly or hold any excess moisture!

By using a mitt like this you will be able to give yourself a tan that will not fade into any lines or patches because it will exfoliate all of your skin.

Even areas you never thought were possible to reach like the back and shoulders will get a touch up at least once a week!

A self-tanning mitt is best for people who want immediate results after their session with a natural look that is a little darker than their natural skin tone.

It’s also recommended for those who have sensitive skin and can’t tan outdoors in the sun.

Self Tanner Without a Mitt

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