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How To Exfoliate Before Self Tanning

how to exfoliate before self tanning

Self tanning is an important part of any beauty routine. It can be difficult to get it right, though.

To make sure, you exfoliate before applying self tanner so that the color looks even and natural.

Before using a self tanner, you should exfoliate your skin. This helps to remove dead skin cells and prepare the surface for a smooth application of the product.

Exfoliating is often performed by applying a loofah or body scrub in circular motions across your entire body.

You can also use an exfoliating glove or mitt that will help lift away all of those dead skin cells before they have a chance to get on your new tan!

Leaving these behind increases the risk of streaking and patchiness when applying the product.

Be sure to avoid any areas with hair as these could absorb too much of the solution leaving parts darker than others!

The key is avoiding dark streaks, which isn’t always easy after shaving! To ensure this doesn’t happen follow a few simple guidelines.

Process to Follow To Exfoliate Before Self Tanning

Self tanning is an important part of any beauty routine. It can be difficult to get it right, though.

To make sure, you exfoliate before applying self tanner so that the color looks even and natural.

Follow these easy steps for a flawless finish every time! 

1. Shave off any body hair you want to remain pale

2. Exfoliate the rest of your skin with a scrub or cloth

3. Apply moisturizer, then wait about 20-30 minutes for this to absorb into your skin

4. Shake the self tanner bottle and apply in sweeping motions from ankles up, working in small sections.

5. Wash hands thoroughly after applying

6. Let the solution dry and don’t touch your skin for about 3 hours before washing off or getting dressed

7. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer if you feel like you need it (it will not really darken the color)

8. Enjoy your tan!

So Why Exfoliate Before Applying Self-Tanner

No matter what self-tanning product you choose, or be it a spray tanner you use, the product usually contains DHA.

The harmless chemical is derived from sugar cane and beets in organic products to make sure your skin has the perfect amount of color for its time!

The tanning process starts with dead skin cells coming in contact with the DHA, which has an amino acid reaction that forms melanoidin.

This pigment replicates real tans from direct sunlight when applied on top of your natural self!

Self-tanners are designed to turn you quickly brown.

However, the DHA in these products reacts with your skin and does not produce deep pigment inside this layer of protection so that any tanning effect fades relatively quickly after application – typically requiring frequent reapplication for desired results.

To get the quickest tan, many people use a self-tanner at bedtime and then shower in the morning after application.

This whole process typically takes around five or ten hours so that makes it easy for you because all of your prep work will happen right before sleep which leaves plenty of time to go through an entire day without looking too haggard!

Exfoliation is one of the most important factors in achieving a nice, even self-tan.

If not done properly before applying your product then you might end up with an unwanted patchy brown color on exposed areas that are coming off naturally already!

Best Exfoliators To Use Before Self Tanning

Exfoliation is a key part of how we prepare our skin for self-tanning.

It removes old, dead cells and prepares the surface so that new ones can come in with better results! You might be asking yourself what products you should use?

Well there’s tons on the market but not all will do – some only improve one’s natural tan while others actually cause fluctuations or an orange tone instead because they contain harsh abrasive particles which aren’t good at exfoliating properly either way it doesn’t matter until you find just the right kind.

How To Exfoliate Before Self Tanning: Your Best Guide

Check these 3 categories:

Chemical Exfoliants

Chemical exfoliators are typically found in the form of glycolic acid, salicylic acid and retinol which is a form of vitamin A.

These products are usually very mild on the skin because they only work on the topmost layer.

They will not irritate or harm your skin at all! Chemical exfoliants work by shedding off the topmost layer of skin and increasing cellular turnover.

This is good because the product you apply will interact with newer, fresher cells which means it will look more natural on your skin.

Physical Tools

Physical exfoliators are typically found in the form of products with tiny little micro beads or very rough abrasive particles.

While these might be good at getting rid of dead cells, they can cause irritation if not used properly!

Stuff like pumice stones and loofahs are just too harsh on the skin.

It is not good for you to have a lot of scratches on the surface when applying self-tanner because it can cause major insecurities and result in uneven skin tone.

Mechanical Exfoliants Products

Mechanical exfoliators are typically found in the form of scrubs or brushes that gently rub off dead cells using friction.

These products tend to be very gentle and won’t cause irritation no matter how often you use them.

These kinds of tools can be great for self-tanner application because they will not ruin your skin’s surface but instead just help you achieve a great result by preparing your skin for the process of tanning!

Recommended Pre-Tan Exfoliator Scrub

Asutra Organic Exfoliating Scrub

It is quite gentle to protect your skin while hydrating it with moisture, but is also harsh enough so that the layer outside of dead cells is removed from your face!

This product is also organic and chemical free so your skin will not react negatively which will allow you to avoid nasty breakouts.

It has a nice, clean scent that isn’t too overpowering and it doesn’t leave a greasy or oily residue on the skin either!

Asutra Organic Exfoliating Scrub is totally worth it. It does an excellent job of getting rid of the old skin cells and preparing them for what’s to come!

Use this easy-to-follow, gentle exfoliation process before self tanning so that you can achieve great results every single time without worrying about uneven patches or an orange-ish tone!

Also keep in mind that when you exfoliate before tanning, it might take longer to get the tan.

It is a process that has to be done in order to give better results!

Just make sure your moisturizer doesn’t contain SPF and make sure you wear sunglasses because most products with DHA will turn you into a lobster if your skin is exposed to the sun.

More About Exfoliation and Self Tanning

There are a variety of self-tanning products that you can use to achieve your desired color.

However, it’s important not to use anything too harsh on the skin because this could cause long term damage and also degrade the quality of any self tans applied in future application sessions if used often enough over time.

If you are not sure about how to exfoliate before self-tanning then just consult with your dermatologist for further advice and/or guidance!

Also remember that excessive use of physical or chemical tools can be too much stress on the skin so try to avoid using them often.

Instead, look into purchasing a fine quality brush or scrub to use before self-tan application.

If you are new to the whole world of self-tanners then try one with gentle ingredients formulated specifically for how your skin type is!

Remember that even though it might be tempting there’s no need to go crazy applying several layers of tanning lotion or increasing how often you apply this in your regular routine.

It’s best to play it safe and see how your skin reacts – this is the most important step in ensuring that you achieve an even and natural tan, which we all know we want!

Final Note

Exfoliating before self-tanning is the most important step you before self tanning.

Along with the moisturizing process, it’s absolutely key for even and natural results that last!

I hope this post gave you the knowledge needed to exfoliate properly so your skin will be as beautiful after applying your favored product!

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