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How to Get Rid of Tan Lines Fast? Guide For Beginners

How to Get Rid of Tan Lines Fast? Guide For Beginners

There are many ways to get rid of tan lines. One way is to try a self-tanner, but this can be time consuming and does not always give the perfect color. The best way to go about it is by using products that will help you fade your tan lines instead of covering them up.

This blog post helps you learn the proper ways on How to Get Rid of Tan Lines Fast!

How to Get Rid of Tan Lines Fast?

Someone who has, at the least, forgotten to use sunscreen properly during a long day outside in the sun understands how swiftly and easily tan lines can develop.

So, what can you do?

Tip #01: Use Exfoliating Creams

One way to lighten up the skin around your tan lines is by using exfoliating creams. These are specially formulated to remove dead skin cells, which can darken the skin and make tan lines more visible.

  • Exfoliation is great for your skin because it’s a natural process that stimulates cell turnover, allowing you to experience younger-looking and healthier-looking tanned body parts.
  • You can use a sugar scrub, which is easy to make at home by mixing sugar and olive oil in equal parts. Apply it to the tan line areas and scrub gently for two minutes before rinsing off with warm water.
  • Another good exfoliator is coffee grounds. Mix them with a little bit of coconut oil to make a paste, then apply to your skin and scrub for two minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Both of these exfoliants will help fade your tan lines while also nourishing and hydrating your skin.

Tip #02: Honey mixture and lemon juice

Lemon juice is a fantastic home-made solution for eliminating tan lines. 

  • Simply combine honey and lemon juice to produce this wonderful remedy. After that, apply it on the tanned areas and leave it on for around 20-30 minutes before removing it and washing your skin.
  • You can also try using a mixture of lemon juice, baking soda and glycerin. 
  • Apply this paste to your skin for around 20 minutes before washing it off.

Honey is another excellent product that you can use on the tanned areas in order to achieve outstanding results within only one day! Honey has natural bleaching properties which are very effective in lightening the skin.

Tip #03: Use Sunless Tanning Lotion

If exfoliating creams seem like too much work for you or if you’re just looking for a more convenient solution, then sunless tanning lotion might be the answer.

  • Sunless tanning lotions are designed to give your skin a natural-looking tan without having to expose yourself to the harmful UV rays of the sun. 
  • They come in many different forms such as sprays, lotions, and even mousses, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • The great thing about sunless tanning lotions is that they are very easy to use and can be applied in just a few minutes. 

Plus, they’re also long-lasting and will not streak or fade like regular sunscreen might.

Tip #04: Wear clothes that limit exposure to the sun

As mentioned above, tan lines are often caused by limiting sun exposure. 

  • Wearing clothes or swimwear that limits the amount of sunlight reaching your body can also help reduce the appearance of these unwanted lines.
  • One great way to get rid of tan lines quickly is by wearing loose-fitting clothes that cover your entire body when going out in the sun. 
  • For example, you can wear a tank top and shorts or pants to cover your arms and legs while wearing a swimsuit on the upper part of your body.

This will not only give you better protection against harmful UV rays but will also help prevent tan lines from appearing all over your skin by limiting exposure time in different areas.

Tip #05: Makeup to Conceal Tan Lines

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to conceal your tan lines, then makeup might be the best solution for you. There are many different types of foundation and concealer available on the market that can help hide any blemishes or discoloration on your skin.

  • To find the right product for you, it’s best to experiment with different brands and shades until you find the one that matches your skin tone the best. 
  • Once you’ve found the right product, all you have to do is apply it in a thin layer over the areas where tan lines are most visible. Be sure to blend well so that there are no harsh lines or edges.
  • If you’re looking for a more long-term solution, then you can also try using tinted moisturizers or BB creams instead of foundation. These products are designed to provide light coverage and will help conceal any discoloration on your skin while leaving it looking natural.

These are just a few tips that can help you get rid of your embarrassing tan lines quickly. However, keep in mind that many other factors can affect how long it will take for you to eliminate tan lines.

What if I Want to Remove My Tan?

At some point, every tanned person has to deal with the annoying task of removing unwanted tan lines.

There are many different methods available for doing this, but some work better than others. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remove your tan.

Green tea – Mix green tea powder and cold water. If you’re going to be outside for prolonged periods of time, apply this directly on your skin that is regularly exposed to sunshine. This will provide you with a relaxing sensation while also helping to fade your tan. This is one of the most efficient and easy techniques for removing tan with green tea.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C has powerful antioxidant properties that can not only help remove tan lines but also provide your skin with a healthy glow. Mix vitamin C powder and lemon juice together until you get a slightly runny paste.

Papaya – The natural enzymes found in papaya help to lighten the dark patches of skin and cure melasma effectively. While it’s readily available all year, you may eat it as well as apply it on your face to get a tan. According to The Fit Indian, “Papaya contains an enzyme called papain that has strong skin-lightening properties and can help fade sun tan and minimize scars and blemishes.

Coconut oil – All varieties of natural oils (olive, coconut, and almond) are beneficial for your skin and can also remove a significant amount of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Simply take coconut oil (you can also make a mix of several natural oils in one solution), apply it on tanned areas, and leave it overnight.

This can be done by applying several drops of warm coconut oil on the affected areas before going to bed and leaving it overnight until you wake up in the morning.

Baking Soda – Baking soda combined with water may assist you in getting rid of your tan. Use this paste as a scrub on the region where you want to fix or remove tan. Apply this paste on the tanned areas every other day to get faster effects.

What Causes Tan Lines to Appear?

Tan lines are those areas of your skin that have been tanned differently from the rest of your body. They usually show up as contrasting stripes or patches on the skin and are often the result of wearing clothes or using swimwear that limits exposure to the sun.

Tan lines are caused by an abrupt change in skin color between body parts that have been exposed to the sun and those that have not. 

These areas of contrast can be seen on almost anyone who does a lot of outdoor activities without wearing sunscreen or very little clothing, but they are more noticeable on people with naturally dark skin or who sunbathe.

Here is a list of 6 common causes for tan lines:

1. Sun exposure

Sun exposure is the most common cause of tan lines. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation darkens the skin in reaction to exposure, so parts of the body where clothing has blocked UV rays will have a lighter skin tone since they have received less exposure over time.

The intensity and duration of sun exposure are both significant factors when it comes to getting a tan, and the body parts that will be exposed to the sun will form the basis for tan lines. Areas of the body that remain covered such as calves and lower legs do not usually get tanned since they receive little exposure to UV rays.

2. Race

People of African descent have more melanin in their skin, which protects them from the sun’s UV rays. However, people with naturally fairer skin are more likely to experience intense sunburns or develop age spots since they are not protected by the same amount of melanin.

Because of genetic differences that vary between races, some areas of the body such as the back will get tanned while others such as the buttocks and lower legs may not.

3. Clothing

Tan lines are also similarly caused by clothing to sun exposure, with areas that are covered up receiving less exposure which leads to a lighter skin tone in contrast to parts of the body that remain exposed to the sun.

4. Self-tanning products

People who regularly use self-tanning products may notice tan lines where they apply the product on certain areas of their body, such as the face or hands while allowing other parts to remain exposed to the sun to maintain a naturally tanned look.

The most common cause of these types of tan lines is the use of sunscreen, which prevents self-tanners from coloring skin as deeply as they would if sunscreen was not used.

5. Medical conditions

Skin conditions such as vitiligo may also cause tan lines, and in these cases the tan lines may be permanent since the underlying skin color is now naturally darker than surrounding tissues.

6. Tattoos

People who have recently received a tattoo may notice that their skin is darker or lighter in the areas where the tattoo was applied. This occurs due to changes in local blood flow, and it will usually fade as the body naturally removes excess ink from surrounding tissues.

Some people also use tanning beds to deepen their tan lines, but this is not recommended since the UVA rays in tanning beds are known to cause skin cancer.

However, if you want to get rid of them fast, there is no magic formula or potion that you can take. Rather, it will require some effort on your part and a little know-how.

Final Thought

Getting rid of tan lines is not easy, but it’s important to take care of the skin and do what you can to help. If your tan lines are particularly dark or noticeable, make sure that you cover up with clothing when possible. Wearing sunscreen every day is also very beneficial for preventing further discoloration.

There are other treatments available that can help get rid of tan lines permanently. However, these treatments require more time and effort on your part, so be prepared to put in some hard work if you want to achieve flawless skin.

The important thing is not to give up on getting rid of them because they will not go away on their own. Remember, a little bit of effort can make all the difference in your appearance and self-confidence!


What are the best sunless tanning lotions?

The best sunless tanning lotions are those which do not have DHA in them. DHA is the ingredient that helps to darken the skin and can cause adverse effects if it is used in high concentrations. Look for sunless tanning lotions that contain Erythrulose instead, as this ingredient helps to create a more natural-looking tan.

Are there any over-the-counter creams to help get rid of tan lines?

There are a few over-the-counter creams that can be used to get rid of tan lines, but it is important to consult with a doctor before using them, as some may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. The most common over-the-counter cream used to lighten dark patches of skin is hydroquinone, which can be bought without a prescription.

How do I apply makeup to conceal my tan lines?

If you are using a foundation, it is important to use one that matches your skin tone exactly. You can also apply a light concealer on the areas where the tan lines are most visible and set it with a translucent powder. Use a bronzer or blush that is two shades darker than your natural skin tone to contour the areas around the neck, chin, nose, and eyes.

Which types of foundation should I use for concealing my tan lines?

You should use a foundation that is closest to your skin tone so that it will not be visible. If you are using a liquid foundation, make sure to shake the bottle well before using it so that the ingredients are mixed properly. You can also apply a primer on the areas where you have tan lines before applying the foundation. This will help to reduce the appearance of dark patches.

How do I get rid of tan lines from a tank top?

To remove tan lines from a tank top, you can use an anti-tanning agent such as lemon or papaya pulp which will help to lighten the dark areas. You should apply these natural ingredients to your skin before going to bed and rinse it off the next morning with cold water.

If you do not have access to these ingredients, then applying sunscreen on your skin before wearing tank tops will help protect it from sun exposure and tanning that can cause dark patches in areas such as the underarms or chest.

How to Get Rid of Tan Lines Fast? Guide For Beginners