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How To Remove Tanning (From Face, Hands, Feet, & Body!)

how to remove tanning

Do you want to know how to remove tanning?

It’s all fun and games when on the beach until you find your skin has gone two colors darker as a result of sun exposure. Don’t you worry, there are a lot of ways on how to remove tanning. We will go over these ways on how they are being applied to different parts of your body.

How long does it take to get rid of a tan?

Depending on the intensity of the tan, it takes 1-4 weeks for the suntan to fade away with the right skin tan removal treatment.

How To Remove Tanning From Face and Forehead

When it comes to our faces, we have to be very careful. The skin on our face is more sensitive compared to our body’s skin. This is due to several reasons. The cells on the skin on our face are smaller compared to that of our body. It is also thinner and has more oil glands. 

Moreover, more hair follicles are very fine on our faces. That is why it needs more nourishing and care.

Here are some safe skin remedies on how to remove tanning on your face and forehead.

  1. Lemon Juice and Honey 

The magical combination of lemon juice and honey has provided immediate effects in eliminating skin tan. Lemon has shown to eliminate melanin-causing chemicals from our skin, while honey nourishes and hydrates it.  

Combine both components and apply them every day for two weeks to see the benefits.

  1. Tomato with Rice Flour 

Combine the juice of 1 tomato with 1 teaspoon of rice flour. Apply this paste as a scrub to your face and you will be in shock at how quickly it eliminates suntan. It is an excellent scrub to use regularly, once every two weeks, to exfoliate dead skin. 

Tomatoes are high in Vitamin C, which shows in Ayurveda to enhance antioxidants and lighten skin color.

  1. Gram Flour with Turmeric

We have long thought of turmeric to be a significant source of anti-inflammatory qualities that can help prevent scarring. Gram flour also exfoliates dead skin cells, giving the skin a youthful appearance.

  1. Papaya with Honey 

Do not overlook this superfood, which is not only sweet and soft in flavor, but also contains the proteolytic papain enzyme, which is high in dietary fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals. 

When it comes to home treatments, it would not be inaccurate to suggest that papaya is one of the greatest tan removers.

  1. Orange Juice and Yogurt 

Combine one spoonful of orange juice with one spoonful of yogurt and apply on tanned areas. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes before washing with water. This is an excellent method for removing sun tan off the face and hands. Orange has vitamin C, which will help your skin and diminish your tan.

When utilized on the skin, this light energy transforms to heat energy, allowing it to target a specific chromophore (skin pigment-melanin) while causing no injury to the surrounding tissue. They reach the skin’s deeper layers to remove extra melanin.

How To Remove Tanning From Hands

Because our hands are rarely protected from the sun’s damaging rays, they are susceptible to the greatest amount of solar exposure. This might result in skin discoloration and uneven skin tone. 

People may employ harsh procedures such as bleaching their skin to remove tan from their hands, but this causes more darkening and leaves it rough and dry. These are some safe remedies on how to remove tanning regarding hands.

  1. Turmeric and yogurt 

One teaspoon turmeric powder added to a bowl of yogurt Combine the ingredients and apply to your tanned hands. After 20 minutes, rinse it off. Yogurt includes bacteria that brighten and hydrate the skin, and turmeric helps uneven skin tone.

  1. Lemon Juice Soaking 

Soak your tanned hands in a dish of warm lemon juice for 20 minutes. Then, thoroughly cleanse your hands with cold water. Lemon juice contains vitamin C, which protects skin cells from UV radiation. Take care to hydrate your skin afterward, since the acidic lime juice may cause it to become dry.

  1. Aloe Vera

Apply fresh aloe vera gel from the sap of the leaf to your hands. Allow it to sit overnight and then wash it off in the morning. The gel contains antioxidants that preserve skin cells while also removing tan.

  1. Cucumber Paste

Mix a cup of cucumber juice with a few drops of lemon juice. Make a paste with this and the turmeric powder. Apply this paste, let it sit for 30 minutes, and then rinse it off. This will revitalize your skin and help it recover its lost radiance.

  1. Almond Paste

Soak 5 to 6 almonds overnight to make almond paste. Later, prepare a paste with the almonds and milk. Apply this paste, let it on overnight, and then wash it off in the morning. Almonds are high in vitamins and riboflavin, which protect and promote the skin’s health.

  1. Turmeric Powder and Sandalwood 

Mix a few tablespoons of sandalwood powder and turmeric powder. To this, add two to three drops of rose water. Make a thick paste with them and apply it to your hands. 

Allow this paste to sit for 30 minutes before washing it off. This will enhance the skin’s tone and repair the damaged areas.

how to remove tanning

How To Remove Tanning From Legs

It’s simpler to pamper and moisturize your face, but we frequently neglect the rest of your body while exfoliating and moisturizing. Our legs are typically covered in the winter, but in the summer, UV rays tend to make their way through the skin owing to summer apparel. 

If your legs are sun-tanned, be sure to utilize the home treatments as soon as possible after getting the tan to get the best outcomes with the least amount of harm and negative effects. Take care not to overlook any vulnerable spots. 

  1. Curd, lemon juice, and gram flour

Curd moisturizes the skin, while lemon juice, combined with gram flour, brightens the complexion. Make a paste of these three ingredients and massage it into your legs, feet, and hands carefully. 

Allow it to sit for 30-35 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. Repetition is being required twice a week.

  1. Lemon and sugar

Lemon and sugar might help you get rid of that pesky tan on your hands, feet, and legs. Lemon helps to reduce melanin, while sugar exfoliates your skin, revealing healthier skin. 

Combine granulated sugar and lemon juice. For 10-15 minutes, scrub your feet, hands, and legs with it. Take care of the afflicted regions. Then rinse it with cold water.

  1. Lemon and potato

The potato functions as a skin whitening agent, while the lemon eliminates blemishes and tanning from the body. If you want to restore your natural skin tone, this combination is ideal. 

Make a potato and lemon juice paste. You should apply it to your legs, hands, and feet. Allow it to rest for 15-20 minutes before rinsing with cool water. 

For optimal results, repeat the technique at least twice a week.

  1. Milk cream, orange, and sandalwood

Orange contains vitamin C, which aids in detoxification and lightening the skin, whilst sandalwood calms sunburn and cools the complexion. The milk cream in the mask hydrates your skin. 

Make a paste out of these three superfoods and apply it to the afflicted regions. Allow it to sit for 30-35 minutes before rinsing with cool water. Repetition is being required twice a week.

  1. Oatmeal and curd

Oats are excellent for exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. Curd, on the other hand, is excellent in moisturizing and restoring skin health. Simply apply oatmeal, lemon juice, and curd mixture to your legs, feet, and hands. 

Gently scrub it for 10-15 minutes. You should wash it with cold water and blotted dry. After the procedure, moisturize your skin and repeat it at least once a week.

how to remove tanning

How To Remove Tanning From Feet

Remember to pay attention to your sole region when utilizing these home treatments for your foot. The thickness of your sole skin differs from the rest of your body, yet it can discharge a lot of filth when detoxified. 

If you perform the method enough times, you will most likely be able to restore your smooth and supple skin.

  1. Curd and gram flour

Curd hydrates and moisturizes the skin, while gram flour aids in skin whitening and lightening. One of the most effective beauty suggestions for tanned feet.

To make a paste, combine one tablespoon gram flour, half cup fresh curd, and half tablespoon lemon juice in a mixing dish. Apply the paste to both feet, gently rubbing them together, and let it on for 30-35 minutes to eliminate tan from the feet. 

Apply a light moisturizer after rinsing with lukewarm water. For optimal results, repeat the technique at least twice a week.

  1. Lemon and Sugar

Lemon and sugar are both effective methods for removing persistent tan off the foot. Sugar exfoliates dead skin cells, while lemon’s acidic ingredients aid in the reduction of melanin in the skin. 

This is one of the greatest home treatments for tanned feet that work swiftly and efficiently.

In a mixing dish, combine one lemon juice and one tablespoon of granulated sugar. Scrub the afflicted parts of the foot gently for at least 10-15 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Repeat the treatment every day until the tan is gone.

  1. Potato and Lemon

Potatoes contain an enzyme called catecholase, which lightens the skin tone, and so, coupled with lemon, they undoubtedly aid in the eradication of foot tan.

Grate one medium-sized potato, squeezing off the liquid. Apply the potato juice mixed with the juice of one ripe lemon to the afflicted regions. Allow it to rest for 15-20 minutes before washing your feet with cool water. 

To achieve the greatest effects, repeat the technique at least twice a week.

  1. Turmeric and corn flour

Turmeric is usually useful for bright skin tips and fast tan removal from the foot. It is not only anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant, but it also aids in the development of brighter and more radiant skin. Corn flour, more than any other component, aids in the de-tanning process.

To prepare a paste, combine one tablespoon maize flour, one teaspoon turmeric, and the same quantity of honey in a bowl. Rinse the feet and apply the paste evenly all over, leaving it on for at least 30 minutes. 

Wash off with cold water and you’ll see an instantaneous shift in color.

  1. Oatmeal and curd

When you’re wondering how to erase tan off your feet, try a little oatmeal and watch the magic unfold. Oatmeal is an excellent exfoliant that aids in the removal of dead skin cells. Curd cleanses the skin and maintains it healthy and radiant.

In a mixing dish, combine a spoonful of crushed oats, the same quantity of fresh curd, and a few drops of lemon juice. Scrub lightly on the feet for at least 10-15 minutes. Rinse with cold water and pat dry. Apply a light moisturizer and repeat the technique once a week.

  1. Honey and sandalwood

Sandalwood and honey are two of the most effective home treatments for tanned feet. Sandalwood not only relieves sunburns but also has a cooling effect and improves the complexion of the skin.

To produce a paste, combine one teaspoon sandalwood powder and one tablespoon honey in a dish. Apply the mask to both feet and leave it to dry for 30-35 minutes. Wash away with cold water and repeat at least twice a week.

how to remove tanning

How To Remove Tanning From Body

  1. Baking soda

Because self-tanner basically “dyes” the skin’s outermost layers, exfoliation treatments that remove these outer skin cells are among the most effective ways to lessen the look of a self-tan.

Making a paste of baking soda and water is a highly efficient approach to remove unwanted tan accumulation or streaks off the skin. Scrub gently in a circular motion to remove streaks without irritating the skin.

  1. Honey and papaya

One of the greatest ingredients for skincare is papaya. The fruit includes enzymes that aid in de-tanning and skin lightening. It also cures skin ulcers and hence has the potential to be highly successful in removing tan from our body.

In a mixing dish, combine the pulp of half-ripe papaya and one tablespoon honey. Apply to your body lightly and massage for 10 minutes. Allow it to rest for another 20 minutes. 

After rinsing with cold water, apply a light moisturizer. For speedy results, repeat the method at least twice a week.

  1. Sandalwood and Coconut Water 

Sandalwood has therapeutic qualities, while coconut aids in detoxification. They combine to create a low-cost yet efficient tan removal solution. As a pack, combine one tablespoon coconut powder and 1 tablespoon sandalwood powder.

How can I avoid getting a tan on my legs, feet, and hands?

The simplest strategy to protect the skin of your legs, feet, and hands from sun damage is to avoid direct sunlight entirely. Sun rays are harmful to your skin, and in this situation, prevention is far superior to cure. So, avoid going out in the midday heat. 

If you need to go out, make sure that your legs, feet, and arms are not directly exposed to the Sun. Wear gloves, socks, shoes, long trousers, and long-sleeved shirts. After you’ve covered yourself as much as possible, apply a high-SPF sunscreen to any exposed areas and reapply it every two hours. 

Sunscreen reduces the skin damage caused by UVA rays. It reduces wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, as well as premature skin aging.

Aside from this, if you intend to spend time in the sun, drink plenty of water. This will prevent your skin from dehydration while exposed to the sun.

Other Tan Removal Methods

Suntan depletes the immune system and can cause further skin damage and aging. As a result, you must combat it with the appropriate tan removal methods. To exfoliate dead skin cells and wash away extra melanin, use one of the following treatments:

  1. Laser Toning

A dermatologist will use a laser to break down the melanin pigment and reduce skin tan. Lasers or Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation are monochromatic coherent light sources with high intensities.

  1. Chemical Peels

This type of tan removal therapy is being utilized to eliminate the dead skin layers on the surface of the skin that have collected extra melanin.

Glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, or carbolic acid are all used in chemical peels, phenol. Chemical peels are being categorized into three types based on their intensity. These are the superficial peel, medium peel, and deep peel.

  1. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a tan removal technique that exfoliates dead skin cells containing extra melanin pigment. It encourages new cells to regenerate faster than they would otherwise. As a consequence, the skin appears firmer, more toned, and younger. 

There are two approaches. First is the Crystal Microdermabrasion where through a wand, tiny particles are being sprayed over your face. Meanwhile, the other one is Diamond-tip Microdermabrasion, where an applicator makes direct touch with your skin to exfoliate it.

  1. Tan Removal Creams

The majority of tan removal creams on the market brighten the topmost layers of the skin. An excellent face tan removal lotion or serum reaches the skin’s deeper layers, inhibiting the enzymatic activity that promotes melanin development.

  1. Lightening Actives

Lightening actives are chemical substances that help to lighten skin by combating tanned skin. Some lightening actives that are excellent facial tan removal treatments include licorice, niacinamide, vitamin C, and Kojic acid.

So, what are they exactly?

  • Licorice

Licorice root contains glabridin and liquiritin, which aid in skin tanning.

  • Vitamin C 

Tyrosinase is an enzyme that contributes to the formation of melanin in the skin. Vitamin C acts as a tyrosinase inhibitor, lowering melanin and tanning of the skin.

  • Kojic Acid

Kojic acid is from a mushroom-like fungus that grows during fermentation. It inhibits melanin formation and reaches the higher layers of the skin, resulting in a lightening effect.

  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

Niacinamide, often known as vitamin B3, lightens and eliminates tan. It is efficient because it reduces the quantity of melanin transported to the surface by pigment-producing cells called melanocytes by more than half.

  1. Face Mask

De-tan face packs aid in the elimination of tanned skin cells that have collected in your body as a result of sun exposure. They do not make the skin fairer, but they do help to make the skin more even-toned.

Natural substances such as papaya, lemon, and tomato are being used in these therapies, as are artificial components such as lactic acid, niacinamide, willow bark extract, and so on. They aid in the whitening of the skin’s top layers.

Why am I so quickly tanned?

You tan more readily if you have a darker skin tone or more melanin. Melanin, a brown pigment comprising melanocytes, spreads across sun-exposed skin to cover and protect it from further harm.

Is tanning your skin a symptom of skin damage?

Tanning your skin increases your chance of exposure to dangerous sun rays, which can lead to skin cancer. It is a common misconception that tanning protects your skin from sunburn or other skin problems.

While most doctors suggest at least SPF 15 for skin protection, tanned skin has a Sun Protection Factor, or SPF, of just 2 to 4.

Today, we will be discussing simple yet highly effective remedies that can remove your tan:

What is Tanning?

Tanning is the process of increasing melanin, a skin pigment, by exposure to sunshine. This is the body’s natural method of protecting the skin from UV rays.

The following areas are prone to tanning: your face, arms, hands, legs, feet, back, and neck.

What Causes our Skin to Tan?

The sunlight consists of three types of ultraviolet rays. These three wavelengths are UV A, UV B, and UV C. 

When UVA photons penetrate the skin’s layers, they stimulate melanocytes, a type of skin cell, to generate an overabundance of melanin, a skin-darkening pigment. This darkens further as a result of oxidation and promotes skin tanning.


Let these remedies help you on how to remove tanning. These are simple, effective, and very safe methods that will help remove your tanned skin. Safety first – especially when it comes to our skin.

how to remove tanning

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