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How To Tan With Fair Skin And Freckles [The RIGHT Way!]

How To Tan With Fair Skin And Freckles

Are you wondering how to tan with fair skin and freckles? You probably have a friend or know someone who is able to layout for five minutes and get a glow that will last for a whole summer, but some of us just aren’t that lucky.

Here at Bronzed Airbrush Tanning, we subscribe to the adage of if you are naturally pale or have fair skin, then you probably know the struggle of not getting that sacred sun-kissed look that so many people covet.

People who have a paler skin tone usually experience burning and skin damage if they spend too much time in the sun.

If you are someone with fair skin then here is everything you need to know about tanning.

How Long Does It Take For Pale Skin To Tan?

While tanning with fair skin may be difficult, it is definitely not impossible. Everyone is able to tan, how easy it is or long it takes, really depends on your skin.

A lot of people try to say that they just need to burn once and then they will be able to tan for the rest of the summer.

Getting burnt in hopes of then being able to get a tan, isn’t the best way to go about it. To get your best tan, you need to start SLOW.

You will need to build up a base tan so that you will avoid peeling that comes along if you just burn.

“The key to tanning with pale skin is to avoid burning.”

To get this base tan you will need to start out by only spending 10 to 15 minutes laying out in the sun, but always make sure to wear sunscreen, at least SPF 30.

Once your body is used to the 10 and 15-minute increments, then add on another 5 minutes.

You should work your way up to 30 minutes, but there is no reason to spend more than 30 minutes laying out. 

Even once you have made your way up to 30 minutes, you should always be wearing sunscreen.

This process of building a base tan can take as little as a week. It all depends on you and your skin. If you try to add on more time before your skin is ready, then it can cause you to burn and peel.

This means that you will have to start the process from the beginning. Once you have a good base tan built then you will be able to darken your tan gradually.

If you end up rushing the process it can be worse in the long term. By spending hours laying out, trying to get the perfect glow, you will do more damage than good.

You will end up with premature aging and sunspots if you are not careful when it comes to tanning.

How Can I Tan Instead Of Burn?

The easiest way to make sure you are getting tanned and not burnt is by applying sunscreen.

You may think that applying sunscreen, completely negates the purpose of laying out. That isn’t the case, by using sunscreen, you are helping to prevent burns.

The sun is still able to tan your skin with sunscreen on, it just isn’t as powerful. Another way that you can avoid burning is by paying attention to what time you do layout in the sun. 

The sun is the strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. this means you should avoid it then.

If you layout before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. the sun’s rays are not nearly as harmful so you will experience fewer burns and better tans. 

The best thing to do for your tan is to take good care of your skin. You should make sure you are exfoliating your skin at least one time a week.

This will help remove old, dried up skin cells and replace them with new ones.

How To Tan Fair Skin In A Tanning Bed?

If you live somewhere where the sun is sparse, then no worries there are other ways to get tan. A convenient way to get a tan is by a tanning bed or spray tan. 

A tanning bed or spray tan is going to give you the closest thing to a natural tan that you can get without the sun. However, the beds are stronger than the sun and easy to lay in, so you should be careful.

Just like you can tan outside, you can also lay in a tanning bed with fair skin, you just need to be aware.

Depending on the strength of the bed you should start out at 3 to 5 minutes. You won’t see the tan (or burn) immediately, so you still should work up your time gradually.

Another good thing to do when laying in one is to use a special lotion; it will make sure you get a tan and not burn.

How To Tan With Fair Skin And Freckles


Let’s face it… having tan skin can be an instant confidence booster! 

Whether you just want to look nice during the summer or you have a big event coming up, laying out or in the tanning bed for a while will definitely helping you. 

If you have fair skin it may be a bit more difficult to achieve tan skin.

Although if you are smart and use these tips then you should be able to get that summer goddess skin in a safe and effective way.

Also, don’t be opposed to trying spray tanning or self-tanners. It’s better for your skin and cuts down on time you have to sit out in the sun. Happy safe tanning!