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Lotions To Avoid After A Spray Tan

Lotions To Avoid After A Spray Tan

When it comes to keeping up with your skin care routine. It’s important to be aware of what lotions you’re using, especially after a spray tan. Some lotions can cause harm or even damage your skin if applied after a spray tan. So what are the lotions to avoid after a spray tan?

They might not think that anything could go wrong in applying these types of beauty products, but there are some things that have been known to happen when used incorrectly! In the following paragraphs we will cover five common mistakes made while applying sunless tanners so that next time you can use them correctly and safely.

5 Things to Avoid After Applying a Tanning Spray

  • Do not use any lotions after your spray tan has been applied. This will cause the spray tan to come off prematurely, or can even damage your skin. Either way it’s just not worth trying to apply anything that could potentially ruin the look you’ve worked so hard for!
  • If you are going out in public after your spray tan, be sure to wear clothing that will cover up the area where you have sprayed. This is important as it can cause a lot of damage if someone rubs against an area where there is still some product on your skin!
  • Try not wearing tight fitting clothes after spraying as this has been known to pull off parts of the tan as well. Instead opt for loose fitting clothes so you can avoid any damage or having to reapply!
  • Keep your fresh spray tan out of heat and sun exposure for at least twenty four hours after application. The more time passes, the longer it will last ! This way you’ll be saving yourself a lot of money and time from having to reapply if it starts coming off due to exposure.
  • If you do not have a spray tan, but rather one that is self applied at home make sure you are doing the same as those who get them done professionally – no lotions! This can be really harsh on your skin and leave behind dark spots, especially if you are using a tanning bed at home.

What to Do Before Applying a Spray Tan?

  • Start using an exfoliating lotion two days before your spray tan to ensure you don’t have any dry or flaky skin that could cause discoloration of the product.
  • It is important for everyone but especially those with sensitive skin, use a light moisturizer after showering and before applying your sunless tanner. This will help to avoid any redness or irritation that could occur.
  • Be sure you are applying the lotion evenly and thoroughly before each use, this will ensure your tan lasts as long as possible!
  • If you have not shaved in a few days it is important for you to do so at least 24 hours before application. It can be really hard to get an even tan if you have dark stubble on your skin.
  • If you plan on wearing a bathing suit or tight fitting clothes, it is important for you to apply some sort of powder before doing so. This will help the form fitting clothing stay put and avoid any discoloration that can occur from chafing.
  • Be sure to always exfoliate and moisturize before self tanning. This will help ensure an even application and avoid any orange or streaky spots that can occur from applying too much product in one area!

What Are the Steps in Applying a Spray Tan?

Step 1: Apply a small amount of tanner on the different areas you want to highlight. You can use your hands or even a sponge but make sure that there is an even coverage across all spots!

Step 2: Let it sit for about twenty minutes until you see marked changes in color from where before they were pale, and then rinse with water.

Step 3: If you are using a tanning bed at home, follow the same directions as above but also make sure to wear gloves instead of your own hands. This will protect from any dark spots being left on your palms from the self application!

These simple steps can help improve both how long it lasts and what problems might arise due to improper use!

Lotions to Avoid After Applying a Tanning Spray? (Lotions To Avoid After A Spray Tan)

Knowing which ingredients and properties of a lotion to avoid will help you choose the right lotion to use. A lotion that is not conducive to spray tanning will make it fade quickly.

Choose a lotion that doesn’t contain ingredients such as: alcohol-based toners, exfoliators, oils, and fragrances to avoid drying out your skin.

Avoid using lotions that have ingredients such as:

  • Alpha-hydroxy acids that dissolve surface cells in a way similar to how an acid peel would work,
  • Retinol (vitamin A),
  • Glycolic acid (an alpha-hydroxy acid),
  • Salicylic acid (a beta hydroxy acid).

These ingredients are commonly found in moisturizers. They may fade your tan prematurely, can cause irritation to the skin and dark patches of pigmented spots left on the skin.

Lotions To Avoid After A Spray Tan

Look for a lotion that has the following beneficial ingredients:

  • glycerin,
  • vitamin E and
  • green tea extract,
  • vitamin A,
  • sunflower seed oil or almond extract.

These will help improve your tan’s appearance. It should be lightweight and non greasy on the skin too!

What Are the Best Lotion Brands to Use After a Spray Tan?

After the application of spray tan, it is best to use a lotion that will help you to get a tan that looks natural and lasts long. Some of these lotions are the following:

1. Skinerals Tanner Extender Lotion

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
10/20/2022 12:16 am GMT

Skinerals has products that are gentle on the skin. Skinerals has some of the most gentle products in the self-tanning and spray tanning industry.

After applying spray tan, it is advisable to use this lotion. This lotion helps keep the skin moisturized as well as extend the lifespan of self-tanners and spray tans. This lotion contains only natural ingredients, is cruelty-free and consists of no sulfates or parabens.

2. Hemp Nation Moisturizing Tan Extender Lotion

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
10/20/2022 12:17 am GMT

It will help prolong your application and provide you with a natural glow that lasts longer than usual.

The product contains enzymes and antioxidants that help to reduce signs of aging, keep the skin hydrated, and make it silky smooth. Hemp seed oil, shea butter and jojoba help the skin stay hydrated and shield it from aging. The skin is made to appear more youthful by using soft-focus microspheres.

3. Australian Gold Moisture Lock Tan Extender

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
10/20/2022 12:16 am GMT

Australian Gold’s Moisture Lock Tan Extender will hydrate and moisturize your skin in order to maintain a spray tan. The moisture lock lotion helps to seal in hydration, extending the lifespan of the tan and giving it a soft appearance.

The lotion will soothe, condition skin to hold in color and nourish the skin with vitamin E.

The pump action bottle is easy to use and the lotion itself dries quickly, locking in moisture.

All of these brands have been tested by dermatologists to ensure that they are an effective lotion for those with sensitive skin too!

There are lotions that can lengthen the lifespan of your spray tan and help you maintain that bronze look. It is crucial to choose one with ingredients that will benefit your skin, not harm it!

What Are the Secret Techniques for Achieving a Longer-lasting Spray Tan?

In order for your spray tan to last as long as possible, there are some techniques you can follow:

Avoid hot water.

Cold showers are best to maintain color and hydration on the skin for as long as possible. Hot water can dry out your skin, causing it to appear patchy or orange after a spray tan application. If you must take a shower with hot water, turn down the temperature of the water so that it is not scalding.

If you want to take a shower, do not use soap or products that have exfoliating beads in them. These can cause dark patches of pigmented spots left on the skin and shorten your spray tan application’s lifespan.

Stay out of the sun!

Sun exposure will fade both your spray-tan and the fake tan application. It is best to stay out of the sun at all costs. If you do need to go outside, wear sunscreen and reapply throughout the day if needed.

Avoid certain clothing items after your spray tan application.

Some outfits will fade or ruin a spray-tan more than others depending on their material composition. Like; tight clothing, clothes with prints or embellishments (such as sequins and studs) rough fabrics like denim and wool.

Even if you wear something made out of a fabric that is not listed above, it is best to wash your outfits before wearing them again. The spray tan will be more likely to flake off onto the fabric, leaving dark marks on them.

Tanning beds are not a good idea either!

Avoid these as well since they will cause your spray-tan to fade more quickly and make it uneven on the skin surface. Tanning salons can also be unsafe for those with sensitive skin, causing irritation or rashes instead of a beautiful glow.

These are the most important things to do in order to extend your spray tan’s life and ensure that it looks natural! If you want to maintain your spray tan, these are the best techniques for doing so!

Final Thought

Before you show off your new, dark tan in public, make sure to avoid the no-no lotions. The best lotion to use after a spray tan is one that will help keep the color looking fresh for as long as possible while moisturizing and nourishing dry skin at the same time. Keep Skinerals Tanner Extender Lotion, Hemp Nation Moisturizing Tan Extender Lotion, and Australian Gold Moisture Lock Tan Extender on hand.

This article has provided some great information about how to choose the right type of product for different types of people’s needs. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy your bronze glow!

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