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Should You Moisturize Before Fake Tanning

should you moisturize before fake tanning

You may have heard a lot of conflicting information about whether or not you should moisturize before tanning.

Some people say that it will make your skin look more orange and others say that the moisturizer will stop the tan from developing properly.

The truth is, there’s no right answer to this question.

In reality, it all depends on what type of moisturizer you’re using and how long you plan on waiting between applying it and then going ahead with your fake tan application.

It is a great idea to moisturize before fake tanning is a great idea.

It helps your skin stay hydrated and soft, which in turn prevents it from looking dry or patchy after you’ve applied the fake tan.

There are many skin moisturizers on the market that can be used for this purpose.

Many people have drier, thick skin on their hands and feet that can hold fake tan easily; this means they get darker patches of color while other parts may be lighter.

To avoid unevenly tanned areas, applying prior moisturizer will help achieve an even finish!

Why Apply Moisturizer Before Fake Tanning?

Applying moisturizer before fake tanning has a number of benefits.

As mentioned above, it helps hydrate your skin and avoid getting dry patches that can be seen through the fake tan.

It also makes the application process easier.

If you’re using one of our tinted tanners to go for an even skin tone all over, applying moisturizer will help you avoid streaks and areas that are patchy or uneven.

Some moisturizers use alcohol as a base ingredient. Alcohol acts as a softening agent but can also be drying to the skin if used regularly.

While using these is perfectly fine before fake tanning, it’s worth looking for a more hydrating moisturizer if you’re not tanned regularly.

Other moisturizers are based on coconut oil, which is especially nourishing for the skin.

This makes it great for any dry or flaky skin areas like your feet and hands too!

What is Fake Tanning?

Fake tanning is the process of applying a colored cream to your skin in order to get an instant “tan.”

The color of this cream comes from either dihydroxyacetone (DHA) or its chemical cousin, erythrulose.

These two chemicals produce brown-colored derivatives that can be seen on the skin’s surface within a few hours of application.

It’s not actually the product that tans your skin, but rather these chemicals work to stain the surface of the outermost layers of your skin.

Once these chemicals have reacted with these dead cells, they are converted into pigments which create the tanning effect on your body.

The same thing happens when you eat a lot of carrots – your skin will have a yellowish tint because of the beta-carotene that you consumed.

The Difference Between Fake and Real Tanning

Although there is often some confusion as to what fake tanning actually entails, it’s important to note that it isn’t real tanning.

In fact, many people claim that fake tanning is much safer than the real thing.

This may be because you’re not exposing your skin to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause cancer.

On the other hand, many people feel uncomfortable lying out in the sun for hours on end; they also don’t like spending money buying sunscreen lotion.

With these things in mind, many people turn to fake tanning as an alternative.

One of the benefits of fake tanning is that it will never fade away over time.

Although your skin cells constantly renew themselves, they can’t keep up with this process forever.

Eventually, even the darkest fake tans will end up cracking and flaking away from your body’s pores.

This can result in patches of fake tan that don’t match up to the rest of your skin.

When you apply a fake tan by using a lotion or spray, you’re protecting yourself from UV rays and sun damage.

However, it’s important to note that many individuals believe this form of tanning is actually much easier to remove than a real tan.

Best Moisturizers To Use Before Fake Tanning

If you’re going to fake tan for a special occasion or just want to get that perfect glow then moisturizing before is key.

Fake tanning can cause your skin to dry out and flake, so using a moisturizer designed specifically for this purpose will help keep you from looking like an alligator.

As always, make sure the product doesn’t contain anything that could discolor your tan such as alpha hydroxyl acids or retinol.

Read on for some of our favorite moisturizers! 

1. St. Tropez Tan Enhancing Moisturizer

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
10/20/2022 12:17 am GMT

This moisturizer from St. Tropez features a self-tan formula designed specifically for your legs and body.

  • The tan you get from this product is a very natural golden color that will keep you looking great all year long.
  • This is a lightweight moisturizer that absorbs quickly into your skin without leaving any residue behind, making it perfect for fake tanning.
  • The price tag for this product is a little steep, but the quality speaks for itself.
  • This moisturizer contains ingredients that can help protect your skin from damage caused by fake tanning and sun exposure.

2. Malin + Goetz Vitamin B5 Moisturizer

If you’re looking for a moisturizer that’s lightweight and easy to wear, this one from Malin + Goetz should be right up your alley.

  • Vitamin B5 is included in this product as well as grape seed oil and glycerin which work to hydrate and heal your skin after tanning.
  • The price tag on this product is super cheap and the jar comes with a lot more than you typically get for this price.
  • Although it’s not specifically designed as a fake tanning moisturizer, many people still find that its easy to use before they fake tan their skin.

3. Kate Somerville Daily Deflector Moisturizer

If you’re looking for a moisturizer that can protect your skin from both UV lighting and fake tanning, then this product from Kate Somerville is something you should definitely check out.

  • It’s designed with a combination of antioxidants and vitamins A and E to work as a moisturizer and an anti-aging treatment at the same time.
  • This product is perfect for those with sensitive skin because it contains very few harsh chemicals and fragrances.
  • This product is on the pricier side for a moisturizer, but you’re getting what you pay for with this one.

4. Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen & Primer

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
10/20/2022 12:15 am GMT

If you want to protect your skin from sun damage as well as fake tanning, then this moisturizer from Suntegrity is the perfect option.

  • It features a mineral tinted sunscreen along with natural emollients and antioxidants to give your skin some extra nourishment.
  • This moisturizer contains green tea and grapefruit, two of the most antioxidant rich ingredients out there.
  • The price tag on this product may be a little steep for those on a budget, but the quality speaks for itself.

If you’re going to be fake tanning, then using a moisturizer designed specifically for this purpose is key.

Using an everyday body lotion can make it difficult to maintain all the amazing results you get from your fake tanning session .

If you want super smooth skin for an extended period of time, then using a moisturizer designed specifically for this purpose is key.

Moisturize Before Fake Tanning

What Happens if You Don’t Moisturize Before Fake Tanning?

When you don’t moisturize before fake tanning, you can end up with dry skin.

This means that your skin will get darker than usual, but it also means your skin is more likely to crack and flake.

While most fake tans won’t be affected by dry or cracking skin, some people find they get patchy color when they use the product.

These areas of skin are more likely to peel away, leaving you with a patchy and uneven tan.

Fake tanning has become extremely popular over the past few years.

However, many people don’t realize how much better their experience can be when they moisturize before using this flesh-coloured cream.

Moisturizers are available in a variety of textures, so it’s important to find one that works best with your skin type.

As long as you get rid of any dead skin cells before applying the fake tanner, your tan will look smooth and natural without being patchy or uneven.

Make sure that whatever moisturizer you use does not contain any harsh chemicals or fragrances and be sure to test it out on a small patch of skin before you apply it to your face or entire body.

This will help you avoid any unwanted irritations that could cause unnecessary mishaps.

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