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My Spray Tan Looks Like Freckles: Some Great Tips For You

My Spray Tan Looks Like Freckles

Many people would never guess that the tan they see on their skin is actually a spray tan. A spray tan has become increasingly popular because it gives you a perfect summer glow without the sun damage and orange tint of self-tanning lotions.

Imagine that you have to ask yourself “My Spray Tan Looks Like Freckles?” Not all spray tans are created equally, which is why we’re giving you tips to make sure your next one looks flawless! 

What Causes Your Spray Tan to Be Freckled or Spotted? (Why My Spray Tan Looks Like Freckles)

There are a few reasons why this happens, and it’s not just about spray tans. Self-tanner is also responsible. So, let’s take a look at each one in further detail.

Cause #1: Waxing and Shaving Before Tanning

Shaving or waxing your skin within 24 hours of spray tanning is not recommended. Your pores will be larger after you shave, and they must close fully. If they don’t have enough time to finish, they may face two options:

  1. Bronzing powders, which are used to tint the skin, can accumulate in your pores and clog them, causing spots or freckles to appear on your skin. It should come off with your first shower, but if they’re embedded deep enough, it may not.
  2. The DHA in the spray tan may accumulate in the pores and grow more quickly than the surrounding epidermis, resulting in a long-lasting look of freckles or spots.

The bottom line is that, to ensure your skin has time to heal, shave at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Cause #2: Spray Tan Machine Issue

Faulty equipment is another possibility, and many individuals would consider it to be one of the most probable reasons. Some salons are unable to properly clean the lines of their spray tan machines, causing a sticky solution to accumulate in them. Instead of a delicate, even spray to properly cover your skin, you’ll get a streaked, thick solution.

Despite my words, it might be difficult to notice, and because of that, go unnoticed for a long time. I’ll give you an example that will help you understand this better.

Since I’m the creator of this website, I have a special place in my pre-tan regimen. I moisturize, use the right products, etc. After waxing or shaving, I wait at least 24 hours before applying lotion. Despite the fact that my routine was on point, I acquired a tan that looked like freckles after visiting a new salon.

After that experience, I returned to the salon and explained what had occurred. They were unconvinced it was an issue with anything I’d done, which made sense since they’d previously told me my hair looked good in the sun. I double-checked that I had done everything correctly, and that this problem had previously occurred, and requested them to check the wires of the equipment I used. After they’d done so, they acknowledged their mistake and apologized for not being properly cleaned.

Cause #3: You Failed to Exfoliate!

DHA is a chemical in sprays and self-tanners. DHA reacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells on your body, resulting in a pigment that resembles real tanning. The tan is transferred to the outer layer of your skin, and you must reapply self-tanner frequently because of this.

So, exfoliating before spray tanning or applying self-tanner is crucial because we need a level playing field for the DHA to operate. Exfoliating your skin before application removes dead cell precursors that would absorb DHA and cause our tan to appear blotchy or uneven.

Because you have small areas of dry skin that have absorbed more DHA and appear darker than the rest of your skin, this may give your skin a speckled appearance. You really should exfoliate before applying spray tan, as we’ll discuss in a minute. If this happens to you, the best solution is to exfoliate your skin entirely off, resulting in a wasted spray tan appointment.

This is one of the many reasons why so many individuals just use self-tanner at home, because it is much easier to manage. If you do get a spray tan and don’t like the color, I recommend using a layer of my favorite self-tanner. 

If you’re looking for extra help in combating freckles, consider adding a dash or two of color to your concealer. This will assist to minimize any unwanted creasing or unnatural appearance.

My Spray Tan Looks Like Freckles

Another Important Culprit

If you don’t wash off topical products containing oil, such as soaps or other goods, their residue can build up on your skin and prevent the DHA from developing. When this occurs, it commonly appears blotchy rather than spotted.

The most important thing to remember is that a pre-tan regimen has three key steps: exfoliate, moisturize and wait.

By waiting 24 hours after waxing or shaving before applying self tanner, you’ll have the best chance of being streak free! If you’re not sure if your salon properly cleans their spray machines between customers, ask them! Ask for a high quality self tanner to use at home before you go back for your next appointment.

Avoiding Freckled Spray Tan

To avoid your spray tan to look like freckles, make sure you do the following:

  1. Evaluate your salon carefully. How often are their spray tan machines cleaned? Do not be afraid to ask questions. It’s better that they’re upfront about it, rather than leaving you with unwanted surprises!
  2. Exfoliate properly before getting a spray tan or self-tanner. Remove all dead skin cells that could block the DHA from absorbing into your body.
  3. Moisturize daily to hydrate, moisturizing before you get a spray tan or self-tanner is important as well! This will help ensure even coloring without any patches of dry skin to absorb more DHA.
  4. Practice sunless tanners at home. If you already have some color, use my favorite self-tanner to maintain it.
  5. Don’t be afraid of the sun! Sunless tanners are great for maintaining healthy looking skin, but they’re no substitute for getting sufficient vitamin D. Simply don’t go overboard tanning in beds or exposing yourself without sunscreen when outside!

Now that we’ve gone over the causes and prevention of freckled spray tans, I hope you can enjoy your summer without worrying.

I’m so glad my experience was a fluke! My tan looks better than it ever has before thanks to this advice. We all want our skin to look its best during warmer months, but sometimes mistakes happen.

My Spray Tan Looks Like Freckles

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