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How Long Does It Take To Shave Legs

how long does it take to shave legs

You can’t just go in the shower and start shaving.

You need to prep first, by washing both areas of skin that are being targeted for hair removal with warm water (you should also exfoliate).

Then apply a pre-shave oil or lotion before applying your chosen blade of choice—whether it be an electric razor or you do it manually.

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors.

For example, how thick are the hairs? What kind of razor are you using? How much time do you have?

The best way to shave your legs is by using a good quality shaving cream or gel that will protect your skin from cuts and nicks.

You can use an electric shaver or disposable razors for easier and faster hair removal.

How Long Does it Take to Shave Your Legs

However, let us discuss more in detail. The thought of shaving your legs is enough to make anyone cringe.

You won’t only have the problem that they’re fast-growing and prickly, but also it takes time which means there are more chances for nicks or cuts in an already painful process!

Shaking Legs for Men

For men, shaving their legs means they often have to use a razor and shaving cream for men which makes the job even harder.

The reason why it’s so much more difficult is that women’s leg hair tends to be shorter, finer and lighter than men who will need longer strokes with bigger blades in order to remove any unwanted fur from their limbs.

To make things worse, if you are applying a shaving cream with moisturizers in it, even the process of washing off your legs will require longer time to avoid any dirt or residue getting stuck on your skin.

If this happens, then be prepared for an itch that is going to take ages until you can get rid of it!

The process for men will take up to 15 minutes, while for women it takes around 20 to 25 minutes.

Shaving Legs for Women

When it comes to women, the leg hair removal process is a bit easier since we have shorter and thinner hairs.

However, you still need longer strokes with your razor in order to get rid of any unwanted fur from your legs.

If you want an even closer shave then remember that shaving against the grain will give you an even closer shave so you need to be more careful when doing it.

Remember not to apply too much pressure on your razor while shaving otherwise you will get nicks and cuts which are definitely something that nobody wants!

If this happens then just remember that applying aloe gel or moisturizer at the site of injury is going to help reduce redness and swelling.

The process though will take around 5 to 7 minutes. This can give enough time for you to shave both legs and then wash them off with warm water.

Follow it up by applying a moisturizer that will help keep your skin hydrated and looking its best!

Tips to Shave Your Legs Faster

Never ever run your razor faster.

This can lean in a myriad of problems from cuts and even irritation, to burnt patches that make shaving an unenjoyable experience altogether!

When trying to go Ingleby faster you need enough time for prep work where we rinse our blades well before hitting up against any curves or edges on our bodies – don’t cut yourself out there!

1. Use a razor with a razor cream with it – this will keep your skin protected against nicks and cuts.

Make sure you clean up any hairs that are laying flat on the surface of your body before they get a chance to curl back underneath it!

This is definitely not something most women do, but definitely an important step in shaving faster without causing yourself problems along the way.

2. A shower stool must come in handy – if you are short on time, make sure to grab a stool and place it under the running shower faucet.

This will help keep your leg hair wet long enough for shaving, but also prevent any water from dripping down inside of your drain pipe!

3. Don’t re-use a razor, get a new one! – If you’re going to shave as fast as humanly possible, then don’t even bother using a razor that is already old and worn out.

This will only make the process slower since your blades aren’t sharp enough anymore.

4. Don’t hurry to be effective – rushing through the process can cause you to make mistakes that will not only slow you down in future, but also be painful when they happen.

Find your balance between speed and quality – shaving fast should never mean sacrificing on safety!

5. Don’t put too much shaving cream, use it in small amounts – the more you put the harder it is to see what’s around so be generous in small amounts, but not too much.

6. Exfoliate – before you start shaving, make sure to exfoliate your skin.

This will clean away any dead living cells that are laying on the surface of your outer layer – it will help prevent ingrown hairs!

7. Don’t apply pressure with a razor – this is a big one for many women who manage to cut themselves every time they shave because they push down too hard.

Let your razor do the work for you!

8. Shave in one direction – shaving back and forth will only cause more problems, so make sure to shave against the grain.

Remember not to go up or down but instead follow a path from top left all the way over to bottom right when doing it. This is much safer than trying to shave up and down.

9. Swap blades – if you’re shaving a large area, then chances are the blade is going to get dull over time.

Swap it out with a sharp brand new one so that nothing slows your process!

10. Do not use soap on legs – most soaps have tiny micro particles in them which can lead to ingrown hairs when you shave.

Always use a cream with your razor in one hand and the soap in another, this way you can be sure that there isn’t going to be anything getting in between your skin and the blade!

11. Shave before shower – make sure not to wait until after your shower because hair tends to curl back up underneath itself when it begins to dry out.

This is why shaving before showering will ensure that you are getting the closest, cleanest shave possible!

12. Wash your blade with soap – after finishing up on one leg make sure to wash off all of the hairs and cream from your razor so that nothing takes away time when moving over onto another area of skin!

13. Use a moisturizing cream – your skin may start feeling dry when you are done shaving, so make sure to use some lotion or oil afterwards.

This is also important for keeping ingrown hairs at bay!

How Long Does It Take To Shave Your Legs: Simple tips

Common Mistakes When Shaving

There are a few mistakes that women tend to make when shaving their legs.

The most common mistake is probably trying to take too long and then rushing through the process as fast as they can because of it – this leads to many nicks, cuts and other problems along the way.

Here’s what you should avoid doing:

  • Don’t use old and worn out razors – they aren’t sharp enough to make the process go smoothly.
  • Don’t use too much cream or soap, keep it at one hand!
  • Don’t apply pressure with your razor since this can cause you problems such as nicks and cuts.
  • Do not shave against the grain, make sure to shave with it.
  • Don’t wait until after your shower, shaving before is much better!
  • Make sure you are careful when washing off the razor so that there isn’t anything left on it which will slow things down in future.
  • Use moisturizing lotion after you are finished shaving.

Lastly, don’t let your razor get dull by constantly shaving with it, make sure to swap blades or sharpen them regularly!

More Tips When Shaving Your Legs

Aside from all the tips above, here are a few notes you must take as tips if you want to be shaving your legs effectively.

Don’t Shave in the Morning

The best time to shave is at night, and this is because your skin tends to be more sensitive when you first wake up in the morning.

This means that your skin will be irritated if you shave it before going to bed, and this can lead to a whole host of problems such as nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs!

Shaving at night results in smoother legs.

Don’t Shave Before Taking Your Shower

Take some time to prepare your legs before shaving it. Having it soaked in water will help soften the hair and skin, making it easier to shave.

Make sure that your skin is wet before shaving, if not then the chances of having nicks and cuts are pretty high since the blade won’t be able to move as smoothly over it.

You also need a lot more cream or soap with dry legs, and this makes the process go a lot slower.

Don’t Shave Your Legs More Than Once a Week

If you have too much hair on your legs then chances are that shaving won’t be enough for you and instead waxing will be required!

This is because the blade can only go so close which means there might still be some hairs left behind that you can’t get to.

Use Disposable Razors with a Single Blade

Disposable razors are the ones with a single blade, and they’re perfect for getting around all of those hard to reach areas on your body.

They aren’t quite as good at shaving legs since there is only one blade which means you’ll need to go over some parts several times in order to get them smooth again – this is something that can be very irritating and time consuming.

Don’t Shave Against The Grain

This is one of those shaving mistakes that many women make but it can be avoided easily.

When you shave against the grain, then your legs run the risk of being cut by accident since they are not as sharp as if you were to just go with the grain.

Final Thoughts on Shaving Your Legs

As you are preparing your legs for shaving, make sure that they aren’t dry since this can cause problems during the process.

Dry skin is very prone to cuts and nicks so it’s important to have them looking smooth before starting – exfoliating will help with this!

If your leg hairs are long then it might be worth trimming them before you start so that they don’t get caught in the razor.

You also need to make sure your skin is moisturized and soft, otherwise shaving can turn out to be a very unpleasant experience for yourself!

Don’t forget about regularly sharpening or replacing the blades on your razors so they can continue to be effective.

Last but not least, don’t shave your legs too frequently since this will cause irritation and ingrown hairs!

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