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Shaving Before Using Fake Tan | Essential Guide

Shaving Before Using Fake Tan | Essential Guide

Have you ever wanted to try Shaving Before Using Fake Tan? You’re not alone! Many people struggle with the question and often come to different conclusions. However, we’ve done all the research for you! This blog post will help you decide whether or not shaving before applying a fake tan is right for your situation.

Fake tanning is a time-consuming process. You need to exfoliate your skin before applying the product, wait for it to dry and then apply another layer of lotion or oil if you desire. When done correctly, fake tanning can make you look like you’ve spent days in tropical paradise when in reality, it’s only been one day since you last washed your hair.

However, depending on the type of fake tanning product you use and how often you shave can make a big difference in terms of how realistic it looks when applied to your skin.

Shaving Before Using Fake Tan

Why should you shave before applying fake tan?

Shaving before applying fake tan can make it much more realistic. If you fail to shave, the product might cling to curly hair which may cause streaks in your tanned skin or areas where no color is present at all. It’s not uncommon for men who are trying out a new method of getting rid of body hair to skip shaving for several days to see how it works.

Shaving before using your favorite self-tanning product will help ensure that your skin looks more even and natural. It will also help you achieve the color you desire faster because it removes hair of varying lengths instead of leaving them all sticking out at different angles which can make for an obviously fake tan.

Disadvantages of not shaving before using fake tan?

There are disadvantages to not shaving before applying self-tanning products. These can include:

  • Streaks in the skin. Your tan may be patchy and uneven which will look bad under any circumstances but particularly when you’re just starting to use a lotion or oil on your face. This problem can be alleviated by making sure that all of your hair is at least an eighth of an inch long before applying fake tanning products.
  • Streaks in your tan where the product clings only to hair and not skin which can cause you to look like an orange mess that has been marinating for far too long. It’s also quite painful if it gets into stinging eyes or razor burn.
  • No tan at all due to the fact that hair is blocking it from sinking into skin and making your body glow with a natural looking tint of color which can leave you feeling embarrassed if you were hoping for an instant bronzer or spray-tan booth look alike.

What type of fake tan to choose?

The type of fake tanning product you use will make a big difference in terms of whether or not it looks natural when applied to your cleanly shaven skin. When choosing the best products, consider the following:

If you desire an instant glow without having to wait around too long for color to develop on your face and body then a product with a color guide is what you need. This type of fake tan also makes it easy to see where the product has been applied and if there are any areas that may be missed or streaks that will make your skin look orange instead of bronzed.

Instant glow products typically have a dark guide which can leave behind unsightly stains on your skin if you’re not careful when applying the product. These stains are difficult to get rid of and many people will end up having to take a shower or jump into their pool in order to remove them which defeats the purpose of fake tanning entirely!

Gels, lotions, mousses and oils are all great types of products that can be applied to the skin and won’t leave behind a messy guide. They can also give your skin a soft, smooth texture which makes it look healthier after application.

How often should you shave before using fake tan?

Shaving every day is not necessary when using self-tanning products but if you want to get rid of unwanted body hair then you should definitely consider doing so at least a day or two before applying fake tanning products. This will help ensure that your skin looks smooth and even when it’s all said and done which is important if you want to achieve the look of perfectly bronzed skin without any streaks in sight!

Shaving every other day might be enough to remove all of your body hair so you won’t have to worry about the problems it can cause if applied over hairy skin.

Final Thought

The fake tanning process can be difficult for some people. If you want to make sure that the product goes on evenly, shaving before application will help achieve this goal. You should also wear gloves when applying your fake tan in order to avoid any mistakes with the product and prevent staining of nails or fingers.

Finally, don’t forget about moisturizing! We hope these tips have helped you better understand how to use a self-tanner so that it suits your needs best.

Shaving Before Using Fake Tan | Essential Guide

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