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When To Get A Spray Tan Before An Event

Spray Tan Before An Event

It’s time to start thinking about your spring and summer wardrobe. You want to look good for all of the events you’ll be attending, so you decide it’s time for a new spray tan. If you have an event to attend to and wonder when to get a spray tan? We’ve got all the information you need below!

When To Get A Spray Tan Before An Event?

There is no “right” time to get a spray tan before an event. There are certain events that will require you to have a specific look, and if this is the case for your event it’s best to plan ahead.

If you know what kind of look you’ll be going for, it will be easier for you to plan where and when to get your spray tan. Some people like to wait until the last minute, but this is not recommended because if anything happens with your plans or schedule it might make getting a new tan difficult.

What To Do If You Have An Event Coming Up And It’s Been More Than 48 Hours Since Your Last Spray Tan

If it’s been two or more days since you’ve gotten your spray tan, then it’s not recommended to get another one. It takes the product approximately 10 hours to be completely dry, so if you are planning on getting your spray done then it would be best to get it within that time frame. If any water is applied to this area while the tan is wet, it will streak and look very unnatural.

If there’s no way for you to get a spray tan done before your event, there are other things you can do. There are products available on the market that will help your skin “glow” without being too noticeable.

How To Prepare Your Skin For A Spray Tan

To prepare your skin for a spray tan, it’s best to exfoliate it. Removing dead skin cells will help you get the most out of your tanning experience and make it look more natural in the end.

If you can, avoid shaving at least 24 hours before getting a spray tan because this might cause excess irritation to your skin when the product is applied. Instead, trimming instead of shaving gives similar results without putting your skin through the same level of stress.

Once you get your spray tan, it’s best to avoid wearing makeup or sunscreen for at least six hours after application. If this happens, then there is a chance that it will look streaky and won’t last as long. During these six hours, try not to get wet either since this will mess with the natural look.

Spray Tan Before An Event

Is it safe to do a spray tan before an event?

Yes! Since you’re not actually burning yourself with the sun, there’s no need to worry about getting burned. You can repeat as many times as possible until your skin tone is as dark as you’d like!

Tanning beds and spray tans are both very safe options if you are worried about skin safety, but it’s always best to speak with your doctor before getting either.

What if I have sensitive skin?

No worries! Spray tanning is one of the safest options you can go for in order to get that pre-event glow. If you’re worried because you have sensitive skin, there are still options available to you. There are certain products that will help your skin get the color it needs without completely stripping it of its natural oils or damaging it.

What if I’m allergic?

If this is something that has recently popped up, then you might want to give yourself some time before using any product. If you have never used any sort of spray tan before, then it might be best to stay away from them simply because you don’t know how your skin will react.

What to do after spray tanning?

Immediately after getting your tan, shower and use a mild soap or body wash. Most companies also sell specific products that can be used after your tan so if you have any left, don’t forget to include those as well! Skin care is just as important as the tan itself after all.

After showering, it’s best to let your skin air dry for fifteen minutes before getting dressed. Makeup can be applied directly after this time frame, but if you’re wearing clothing try using a towel to soak up excess water first.

Important things to remember

There are some very important details that you need to remember when planning out how and where you’ll get your new glow. Are you planning on getting a tan in the morning or at night? Some salons close before dusk, so if this is when you want to head over don’t forget that they might not be open.

One important thing to remember is not to add any creams or lotions on top of your tan. This will cause streaking and discoloring, so it’s best to wait until the day after in order for the spray tan to wear off before adding any more products on top of it.

Tanning in a bed is also another option that will give you the same results as a spray tan. This is ideal for those who are very busy and don’t have time to go out of their way to get one. Just make sure that if you’re going this route, it’s been 48 hours since your last tan because reapplication can cause streaks and unevenness.

It’s best to get a spray tan before an event if you have the time. You can do this at any salon of your choice, and they usually last about five days on the skin. If you’re planning on wearing makeup or clothing of any kind, make sure to wait fifteen minutes after getting out of the shower before doing so.

There is no limit to the number of times that you can get sprayed. If you want a tan before an event, but don’t have any time to go out and get one, then make sure to check out your local salons. Just remember that if it’s been less than 48 hours since your last one there is the possibility of streaking or unevenness.

Spray Tan Before An Event

Final Thoughts

A spray tan before an event can be a great way to get that pre-event glow! Just remember the key things mentioned in this article, and you’ll have no problem with your new look.

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