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Does Spray Tan Cover Up Stretch Marks? (maybe…?)

Does Spray Tan Cover Up Stretch Marks?

Do you want to know if spray tanning has something to do with covering up stretch marks? Following a long period of working out, dieting, and just generally doing all of the things that can help you get in great shape, you probably feel good enough about yourself to show off your new and improved beach bod.

And rightfully so. You deserve to show off if you’ve put in the work.

However, that confidence can be eroded in a hurry.

Even if you’re in peak physical condition, you may be hesitant to put on your bathing suit out of fear that someone may notice one of the blemishes on your body. Stretch marks, cellulite, and scars, those are just some of the things that can make people feel insecure about their bodies.

With the beach trip happening in a few days, there’s probably not enough time to get rid of those blemishes, but can you cover them up? Could something like a spray tan help you out of your current predicament?

In this article, you will be able to learn more about how spray tanning impacts stretch marks, cellulite, and scars. For those thinking of ways to get their body in tip-top shape for an upcoming vacation, please read on.

Does spray tanning cover stretch marks? 

Stretch marks are among the most common physical blemishes on the body. That’s not particularly surprising given that stretch marks can be caused by a wide array of factors.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, stretch marks can be caused by pregnancy as well as rapid weight change in any direction. Stretch marks may also show up on your body if you were taking part in weight training while your muscles were growing.

A growth spurt during your adolescent years can also lead to the formation of stretch marks. Hormones and genetics can similarly play a role in you developing stretch marks.

To put it simply, many people are vulnerable to stretch marks.

One important thing to note about stretch marks is that they don’t act like normal skin. Stretch marks lack the same pigment that you will find in healthier patches of skin.

It’s that lack of pigment that can make stretch marks trickier to hide.

​Pigment cells are crucial for natural tanning to work. The darker pigment produced by those cells protect against UV protection. If there’s no pigment cells present, the darker color, also known as the tan, will not emerge.

Since the stretch marks don’t have those pigment cells, the UV rays will not affect how they look. The natural tan will still affect the other parts of your body, but the stretch marks will continue to look the same.

Spray tanners are different because they do not rely on pigment cells to work. Instead, the dihydroxyacetone (DHA) particles present in spray tans work with your outermost layer of skin cells to mimic the look of a tan.

Because spray tans don’t have to partner up with pigment cells, they can more effectively disguise blemishes such as stretch marks. They may even be able to absorb some of the spray tan solution.

Older stretch marks have a better chance of absorbing the solution, but don’t be surprised too if nothing happens. In some cases, the skin is simply incapable of absorbing the spray tan and so it will remain pale.

Spray tanning is better for hiding your stretch marks than conventional tanning or using a tanning bed, but it would still be best to temper your expectations because it is not a guaranteed solution.

Does Spray Tan Cover Up Stretch Marks?

Does spray tanning cover cellulite? 

Similar to stretch marks, cellulite can also cause people to be very self-conscious about their bodies.

For those who may be unfamiliar with cellulite, it is the condition that leads to the skin becoming bumpy or dimply. Cellulite typically affects the areas around the abdomen and the legs.

One of the most frustrating aspects of cellulite is that it’s not even clear what causes it in the first place.

Some have suggested that it could be linked to sudden changes in weight or an unhealthy lifestyle, but that does not explain physically active and fit women being hit by the condition. Others have indicated that genes play a significant role in whether or not someone gets cellulite.

It’s also possible that all those reasons listed above can cause the formation of cellulite.

The one thing that is clear is that cellulite will affect the vast majority of women, but that fact will probably not make it any easier to put on a bathing suit if you do have that aforementioned condition.

Something that may help though is an airbrush tan.

​Tanned skin can appear more toned and that is key to disguising the look of cellulite. If you want to hide the cellulite even better, you can use some self-tanner together with the spray tan.

Contouring with the self-tanner in such a way that the patches of skin affected by cellulite can look elongated. The elongated look will disguise the appearance of the cellulite better.

Does spray tanning cover scars? 

Since a stretch mark is a type of scar, it only makes sense that spray tanning will also be able to effectively cover one of those up.

In certain cases, spray tanning may even be able to disguise scars better than stretch marks. The shallower scars can absorb more of the spray tan solution and blend in better with the rest of your complexion.

Of course, if shallower scars can be covered better by an airbrush tan, that means deeper scars will be tougher to hide, so keep that in mind.

Does Spray Tan Cover Up Stretch Marks?


Cellulite, scars, and stretch marks are unwelcome blemishes on the body. They can work to make even the most confident person feel a little shy.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with getting those blemishes, but when you want to show off the great shape your body is in, they can definitely get in the way. The good news is that you can do something about them.

Long term, there are procedures you can undergo to get rid of those blemishes, and even in the short-term, spray tanning can help you out.

The next time you want to flaunt your beach body, go in for a spray tan first so that you can feel more comfortable while strutting your stuff.

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