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Stand-Up Tanning Bed Tips: How to Use It Like A Pro!

Stand-Up Tanning Bed Tips

Stand-up tanning bed tips you should use during your next bronze session. The trend of tanning has really taken off and many people covet the bronzed look that tanning products provide. There are tons of tanning lotions and oils in the market, and you can even prepare your own natural tanning oils at home. Sprays, of course, are another option.

But if you are not too keen on laying for hours in the sun – the chances of catching a sunburn along with a tan is very much a reality – have you thought of visiting a tanning salon? The moment you visit one, you may be asked whether you want to go for a Stand-up bed or a Lay-Down bed. 

If you’re new to the world of tanning salons, then it’s good to know more about both so you can choose one that’s most comfortable for you. Both tanning bed types will give you the bronze look you love – the difference lies in the experience. We have put together this guide to make this choice a lot easier for you.

What Is Indoor Tanning?

If you’ve flipped fashion and lifestyle magazines, you may have been hit with hundreds of models laying on the beach and catching some sun to achieve a bronzed, tanned look. Rather than traditional lights, indoor tanning beds make use of special fluorescent lamps that emit ultraviolet rays. The UVA and UVB lights help to tan your skin. So, how does this work?

The light enters the skin, reacts with it and activates the melanin which happens to be responsible for exuding the exotic tan you are looking for.

Apart from the purpose and technology used, there are other similarities like the number of sessions and the frequency of the sessions. No matter which one you choose, it takes more than a single session to develop a nice, rich tan. Also, you should schedule your next appointment in the tanning salon only after a gap of at least 24 hours.

But this is where the similarities end between Stand-Up Tanning Beds and Lay Down Tanning beds. Let’s delve deeper into where they differ.

Difference Between Stand-Up Tanning Beds And Lay-Down Tanning Beds

As the name implies, in Stand-Up Tanning Beds, the person getting the tan has to stand up during the tanning session. Now, if you are someone who is on the larger frame, this is good news because it gives you a lot more room to maneuver. Bigger space also helps if you are claustrophobic. In the case of lay-down tanning beds, you may feel a little cramped for space. But if you are looking for the whole experience of getting off your feet, then you may opt for a Lay-Down one.

Even coverage

Can you think of anything worse than landing up with uneven tanning on your body? When you go for a lay-down standing bet, there are chances you may be left with patchy spots on your body. But when you are standing up for a tan, stand-up tanning beds will cover every spot of your body. The end result? A perfect tan that leaves no stone (er, a spot of your body) untanned.


The bulbs used in the case of stand up tanning beds are 160 Watts, whereas those used in lay-down tanning bed variants use 100 to 120 Watts. More power wattage bulb translates to increased intensity of UV rays which in turn increases the melanin production in the body. This is ideal for those who are in the quest for a darker, richer complexion. If you no longer want to settle for the regular sun-kissed look, you should most definitely go with stand-up booths. 


If you have paid any attention till now, you might have already guessed that due to the stronger intense waves emitted during the tanning session in stand-up booths, the tanning session will also be a lot shorter. This is a boon if you are looking to get yourself tanned while on the go. 

If you are trying to squeeze your tan session in between office breaks, lunch hours or on the way back home, then Stand-Up tanning beds are your best bet because they get the job done in just about 10 minutes.

Easier to clean

Lay-down tanning beds are a lot more difficult and messy to clean. After someone has undergone a tanning session in a Lay-down bed, all of the residual tanning lotion, sweat, etc has to be wiped away. Ughh! Sorry if that grossed you out a little.

But when it comes to a stand-up tanning bed, once the person is done with his or her tanning session, it is a lot easier and less gross to clean up the stand-up tanning bed as there is no residue left behind post use.

Moreover, Lay-down beds may need to be cleaned regularly, in some cases with commercial cleaning cleaners as this may be the only way to remove traces of sweat and lotion. In stand-Up beds, you just have to stand inside the booth and you’re set. We highly recommend you go for the latter if the thought of someone else’s body germs and oil grosses you out too much.


When it comes to the comfort aspect, there is no one-size-fits-all. It entirely depends on what you want out of your tanning session. If you are going there for a restful and soothing experience, maybe relax and unwind and perhaps even doze off during the tanning session, then you may prefer Lay-Down tanning beds. 

But if you are prone to back pain or are claustrophobic, or you are just someone who cannot lay still in a place but tends to move around a lot, then the vertical tanning bed will be a more convenient choice for you. Additionally, this will also help in reducing pressure point issues. 

Save your precious time with better comfort and get a gorgeous tan with Stand-Up Tanning Beds.

Sun Burns

The Stand-Up Tanning beds produce more intense rays as opposed to the other option. There is every possibility that you may end up with sunburns. The thing is, you are not completely safe from sunburns in Lay-Down beds. 

But where Lay-Down beds score over Stand-Up booths in this is that it is a lot easier to gauge when your skin has had too much and you can simply get off the bed in this case. If you are fair-skinned or you have highly sensitive skin, you should go with lay-down beds.

Stand-Up Tanning Beds Or Lay-Down Tanning Beds: Which Is The Best?

If you have read this far, you might have already formed an opinion as to which is the best option for your tanning needs. Generally speaking, we recommend Stand-Up Tanning beds over Lay-Down beds.

  • Darker, even tan in less time thanks to the more intense rays and 360-degree lamps.
  • You will feel less confined and closeted than the conventional Lay-down option
  • No contact with the surface, so you are ensured of better hygiene
  • Easier to clean up after your tanning session

Here are some tips to keep in mind before your tanning session.

Stand-Up Tanning Bed Tips

Stand-Up Tanning Bed Tips

1. Shaving and exfoliating: If you are looking to go for a tanning session the next day, then give yourself a shave and exfoliate the previous day. This will remove the dead skin cells. Not doing so will negate the benefits you wish to gain out of your tanning session. Remember tan stays longer on fresh skin layers.

2. Pick the best tanning bed lotions for moisturization: Before your session, lather yourself with the best tanning bed lotions you can find. Moisturizing is crucial not just before the session, but after as well to get even tan. For the best results, go with non-oil based and light moisturizers. This will give you a rich, deep and darker tan. Post tan moisturization will not just aid in skin recovery, but will also make your new tan last longer and look more beautiful. 

3. Remove makeup and deos before stepping in: Wipe off all of your makeup just before your session. Not doing so will make your skin sensitive, thanks to some of the ingredients found in your typical makeup products. Ultimately, you will end up with sunburn! Deos should be avoided because it may have SPF content in it. You should also avoid products containing SPF like sunscreen lotions and creams.

4. Take off all your jewelry: Otherwise, you may end with an uneven tan. Actually, you’re supposed to take off all of your clothes as well. But if you are not comfortable doing so, you can undress to the level you feel comfortable. 

5. Opt for the best tanning goggles: Wearing protective goggles before your tanning session is an absolute must. This will help protect your eyes from the UV rays. If you are using Stand-Up tanning beds, you could even go with goggles with straps to prevent them from falling off as you may tend to move around a bit during the session. There is no use in selecting the best goggles if they don’t stay put on your eyes!

6. Know how to operate the bed: If it’s your first time, ask your best buds or relatives you may have already undergone a tanning session. You could even check out videos on youtube and ask the tanning salon to attend just before stepping in. You should ideally stand in the middle of the booth, legs slightly parted and arms raised up before you are ready. Hold on to the handlebars available. Once you are nice and comfortable, switch it ON.

7. Protect your hair: To ensure the back of your neck is not left out, tie your long hair (if you are blessed with it, that is), into a nice, tight bun. This will ensure that your hair is kept away from your face and neck.

Once you are done with your session, apply an after-tan solution like we already told you and don’t shower immediately. All of that time spent tanning will be an utter waste. You can do after an hour or so. Drink up on loads of water to retain the glow, scrub if required (again, ensure you don’t remove the tan) and get ready for your next session. 

Stand-Up Tanning Bed Tips


If you have always wanted to give yourself a tan, but never visited a tanning salon before – maybe you were skeptical about the results, then we hope this article clarified all those doubts.

At the end of the day, it comes down to your personal preference and needs. You may be a frequent visitor to a tanning salon to maintain a tan all year round, or you are looking to get a sexy tan right before that beach vacation. Whatever your tanning goals, we hope you got the answers you were looking for to achieve the look you always desired.

Good luck and happy tanning! 

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