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What To Wear In A Tanning Bed

what to wear in a tanning bed

There are many myths about what to wear when you head to the tanning bed.

You might have heard that you should dress in dark colors or stay away from synthetic fabrics, but is this true?

We will be discussing what clothes are best for a successful and enjoyable experience at your local tanning salon.

There are various ways to get ready for your session in the tanning bed.

Some people like wearing dark clothing, but others prefer lighter colors because then it’s easier on their complexion.

It really depends what you’re into and how much time there is before entering an enclosed space, such as a tanning bed, that emits UV rays.

What is a Tanning Bed?

In short, a tanning bed is an enclosed device that emits UV rays. The amount of time you should spend in one depends on your skin type and desired results.

For example, if you have very fair skin then spending only 15 minutes in the bed might be enough while someone with darker pigmentation can enjoy up to 30-45 minutes at a time.

If you are unsure of how your skin will react to the rays, then it’s best to start with a lower number of minutes and work up from there.

It is better to underdo than overdo when starting out with this new experience!

So What To Wear In A Tanning Bed?

Generally speaking, lighter colors allow more light to pass through, while darker colors tend to absorb the rays.

Of course it’s always best to avoid wearing a ton of heavy makeup and fragrances when going in for a tanning session.

These products can cause skin irritations or even allergic reactions which is not what you want at your local tanning salon!

So let’s talk about what to wear:

1. Dress – Aside from NOT wearing make-up, the other thing to remember is that you want to dress comfortably.

If sweats are your thing, then wear them!

However, just make sure they’re not made of cotton because the fabric will absorb all the rays and negate any benefit from tanning in a bed at all.

2. Also consider wearing something with elastic waistbands or straps so it’s easy to take off or put back on if you are doing multiple sessions in a day.

3. Shoes – Shoes should be closed-toe and easy to slip off when entering the tanning bed area.

This can save time getting ready for your session, so it’s best not to wear shoes that take too much effort or have many straps or laces.

However, you may note that you are not required to use this because you don’t want to skip tanning the parts of your feet that are not covered by shoes.

3 Common Ideas to Wear

1. Wear Swimsuit

If you’re planning to hit the beach after tanning in a tanning bed, then wearing a swimsuit not only takes away some stress when trying to pick out your clothes for that day but is also considered socially acceptable.

However, remember that you should not tan directly before going to the beach because it can cause severe sunburn and skin damage.

It’s best to wait at least 12 hours after a session in a bed of any kind (indoor or outdoor) before taking on some time in direct sunlight.

Wearing your swimsuit allows for quick access into the tanning bed for your session because you don’t have to fumble around trying to get dressed.

This is especially great if there are other people waiting on their turn in the beds, too!

2. Shorts and Shirt

If you want to go with something lighter than a full-on dress, try pairing up shorts or.

If you’re nervous about wearing a swimsuit then consider wearing shorts and a tee shirt or spaghetti strap tank top that can easily be taken off when it’s time for your tanning session.

This option is great if you have a lot of hair on your body or don’t want to shave all the time because it’s much easier access and less pain!

It also lets more light pass through, which equals faster results in half the amount of time as compared to wearing clothes that absorb UV rays too much.

This can also be a great idea for going to the tanning salon if you’re not sure of what to wear because it’s quick and easy to access into the bed but still provides some coverage on top!

Plus, no one will judge you based on your outfit choice which is always nice when starting out with something new like indoor tanning.


The third option might be obvious but there are some people who like to tan completely naked.

This is perfectly fine if you’re at home, in your backyard or other private area where not many others can see what’s going on!

However, it should never be done at a commercial level because someone else could walk into the room and get quite the eye-full.

This is not only embarrassing but it can cause legal problems in some places because you’re exposing yourself to others who do not want that kind of attention!

Clothing should always be worn in the tanning bed, whether indoor or outdoor, for safety reasons and to maintain social acceptability standards when using commercial services like this one.

The most important thing to remember is that you should never tan in the bed without proper clothing on because it can cause skin irritation, sunburns and other dangerous reactions!

Should the Nipples Be Covered While Tanning in a Tanning Bed?

The short answer is NO! It doesn’t really matter, but for some, the tanning can actually cause irritation. So to be safe, it is best to just avoid the situation altogether.

The tanning bed is designed to tan all parts of the skin, and the nipples are just the same as our skin. There is no extra need to cover the nipples while tanning.

What to Wear After Tanning in a Tanning Bed

Once you’re done tanning in a bed, there are still some things to consider when getting dressed for the day.

When going outside after an indoor session without sunscreen on then be sure to wear sun-protective clothing that covers as much skin as possible.

This will protect your skin from burning and let it heal before continuing on with daily activities.

To add to this, make sure you wear proper sunscreen that has a high SPF and is water-resistant when going outside for extended periods of time or into direct sunlight.

This will help protect your skin from further damage and heal it at the same time because UV rays can still get through even if you’re wearing sun protective clothing!

Remember to always wear clothes that are loose fitting and protect skin from the sun while tanning because it can seriously damage your health!

Is an Eyewear Essential While in a Tanning Bed Session?

An eyewear is very important during a tanning bed session because it is designed to protect your eyes from UV rays.

It must be noted that the harmful effects of tanning beds are being proved day by day and more people are becoming aware about it.

A lot of research has been done on this topic, which shows a connection between sunbeds and different types of skin cancers like melanoma.

Melanoma is a kind of skin cancer that can be caused due to exposure to UVA rays.

It is recommended to use sunglasses while having a tanning bed session.

The eyewear should provide 100% UV ray protection and be of the right size so that it does not fall off during your session.

For example, you can choose:

  • Wraparounds (full cover) glasses because they protect against both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Sunglasses with a hat because they protect against UVA and UVB rays. It is important to choose sunglasses that absorb at least 99% of the UVA and UVB radiation.

These are just some examples, but you can find different types of eyewear on Amazon or another online store! Just make sure it’s of good quality and 100% UV ray protective.

What To Wear In A Tanning Bed

Why is Cotton Now a Good Idea to Wear in a Tanning Bed?

If you’ve ever stood under the heat lamps at a tanning salon or even in an indoor bed, then it’s easy to realize that your clothes are getting soaked with sweat.

Since cotton absorbs moisture so well, wearing this fabric can cause problems for some people because they’re essentially trapping their body inside of its own fluids!

This will lead to a higher risk of getting burned from UV rays because sweat can block light from reaching the skin and cause you to have an uneven tan.

In order for this fabric to be safe, it must be thin or made out of synthetic materials that do not absorb as much moisture.

Cotton is only okay if you’re using a full body suit under your tanning clothes to protect your skin from the bed.

The most important thing is to make sure you are protected when using tanning beds or going into direct sunlight because it can cause skin irritation, sunburns and other dangerous reactions!

It should always be done with clothes on for safety reasons and there are some things worth considering.

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