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When to Shave Before a Spray Tan: Best Time to Do So

when to shave before a spray tan

Many people ask themselves when they should shave before a spray tan.

The answer to this question is different for everyone and depends on the type of tan you want, your skin tone, and how much time you have.

In this blog post we will discuss some factors that may help you decide what to do before getting a spray tan!

The best time to get a spray tan before an important event is when you need your skin bronzed.

You’ll want the most natural, believable color possible for this occasion and shaving will help achieve just that! However, it is not really that necessary.

When is the Best Time to Shave Before a Spray Tan?

Even if we say that it’s not really necessary, you can consider shaving as one of the preparations before your spray tan.

However, there are a few things you should take into consideration before deciding when to shave.

First, you have to do some planning. Know your target day for applying your spray tan. From that, make sure to shave 24 hours prior to applying your spray tan.

Exfoliate! Never shave before your first shower after applying a spray tan. This will cause the color to fade unevenly and very quickly.

If you really want to be extra careful, shave 24 hours prior spraying your body with your sunless tanner and exfoliate for at least five minutes in order to remove any dead skin cells that are on top of your skin.

Parts of the Body to Shave Before a Spray Tan

Should you decide to shave before your spray tan, make sure to shave your legs and your underarms. However, you should not shave your face.

You can decide to either leave some hair on your body before getting a spray tan, especially if it is for an important event that requires subtle colors such as nude and pastel shades.

If this is the case then go ahead and wax!

Once you shave, make sure to give it enough time to heal before you apply your self tanning product.

If you want to avoid the possibility of having ingrown hairs, make sure not to apply your tanner for at least two days afterwards.

If you are looking for a natural glow and do not mind slight discoloration or if it is an event where subtle colors will be appreciated then shaving before applying your self-tanning product may be worth considering.

If you are looking for a darker, more intense color then shaving is not necessary!

The main thing to remember here is that your skin tone will determine the outcome of your tanning session.

Make sure to take into consideration what type of tan or spray tan suits you best before making any decisions about when exactly to shave!

Does Spray Tan Get Removed When You Shave?

Definitely, yes! This is because when the razor will remove some hair, it will also remove some dead skin cells.

This will also happen if you shave before a spray tan and then exfoliate in order to remove the dead cells that were exposed by shaving just moments ago!

However, the color of your skin tone comes into play here as well.

If you have very dark hair on top of pale skin for instance, this means that when you shave, you will notice that the hair is darker than your natural skin tone.

Therefore, shaving before a spray tan will not make too much of a difference because it won’t show through!

Why Do Some People Shaving Before Tanning?

Some people like to shave before tanning instead of waxing because it is not painful and there are no chemicals involved. Plus, you will get the same results as by waxing!

Shaving before tanning can also help you get a more even finish on your skin and achieve the look that is closest to natural.

When you shave before tanning, the outcome will also show your skin to have a clearer and smoother complexion.

Wax vs Razor

Let us have a short comparison between these two, to wax or to use a razor?

  • Wax – Using a wax is going to be the best option if you want more of an even skin tone.
    • Waxing will leave your skin smooth and soft, but it can also get very painful!
    • Plus, there are some areas where using a razor might not give you enough coverage because there isn’t much hair for the blade to catch onto.
    • This is the case with the upper lip area and your eyebrows.
  • Razor – Using a razor can also be best for you if you are someone who does not wish to have much pain involved in their daily beauty routine, especially when it comes to shaving!
    • You will need some time getting used to using this method as well because it is unlike waxing where there is an element of pain involved.
    • It will take you a few tries to figure out how best to shave before your spray tan!
When to Shave Before a Spray Tan: Best Time to Do So

More Notes on Shaving Before a Spray Tan

Shaving before a spray tan will help remove some dead skin cells, which is always beneficial for any type of self-tanning session.

It won’t cause the color to be too dark or intense because it can only affect hair that goes above your natural skin tone.

Just remember not to shave 24 hours prior to applying your sunless tanner and make sure to give it enough time to heal before exfoliating.

If you are looking for a subtle color, your hair on top of the skin can make more of an impact than shaving does.

If this is not possible then go ahead and shave!

You won’t notice much difference when it comes to intensity or darkness if you have very dark hair because it will be darker compared to your natural skin tone.

However, if you have very light hair, shaving can make a big difference!

If this is the case then go ahead and wax rather than shave.

This will be much better for your skin as well because it won’t cause any ingrown hairs which are caused by shaving with razors.

Shaving before applying self-tanning products may not be a bad idea, but it won’t be necessary.

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